ColdType June-July 2011 Issue

14 June 2011 — Coldtype

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1. Back to the, er, past . . .
This month we’ve changed our name from The ColdType Reader back to the original, and simpler, title of ColdType. It’s the third time we’ve changed our name: the first incarnation of ColdType was in tabloidprinted format; then, after a long hiatus, it became ColdType2, an e-magazine inside After a couple of issues, we switched to the less-confusing ColdType Reader. Now, with our 57th issue, we’re back where we began: ColdType. – Tony Sutton, editor

2. 64 Pages, 19 essays . . .
Cover story is John Pilger’s report on how WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange won this year’s Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism. We’ve also got articles on US and NATO war-mongering, California’s crowded prisons, Walmart in Africa, the end of affluence, Netanyahu and the Congressional Yo-Yos, a tribute to singer-poet Gil Scott-Heron – and much, much more.

3. In The Sorting Office . . .
This month’s ColdType Extra is a monumental essay by British writer James Meek, who investigates the role of governments and corporations in the postal service of the future. The essay is especially relevant for Canadian readers, who are suffering rolling strikes as postal workers clash with their bosses over pay and pensions.

Enjoy! (and if you don’t, let me know why)

Tony Sutton, Editor –

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