A life costs £10,000: how G4S’ Brook House detention contract works

4 August 2019 — Corporate Watch

In 2017, security company G4S was in the headlines again after the Panorama TV programme exposed new revelations of brutality in Brook House, one of two immigration detention centres the company runs for the Home Office. Two years later, the National Audit Office has published a report on G4S’ contract to run the centre.

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Video Report: Military Doctors Designed, Enabled U.S. Torture of Prisoners at Guantánamo, Secret Prisons

7 November 2013 — Democracy Now!

A new report says medical professionals working under U.S. military orders have been complicit in the abuse of terrorism suspects. The Task Force on Preserving Medical Professionalism concluded that medical staff who worked with the CIA and Pentagon “designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees” at Guantánamo Bay and at secret prisons overseas. Continue reading

Illegal Invasions, “Rogue States”, Forgotten Victims and a Shaming Plea By Felicity Arbuthnot

31 January, 2013 — Global Research

The usual suspects have embarked on another mass butchery – sorry “training exercise” – in mega-resource-rich Mali, and are meddling, with lethality, in Algeria. The UK, ever keen to kill, has gone from the Prime Minister’s “no boots on the ground” assurances, to “Operation Creep” in barely over a week.

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Books: Transitional Demands from 1695 By Carl Rowlands

20 November 2012 — New Left Project

John Bellers, 1654 to 1725, ed. George ClarkeSessions Book Trust, 1993.

Despite being described by Karl Marx as a ‘phenomenon of political economy’ and regarded by Robert Owen as the forefather of his own co-operative socialist experiments, John Bellers has often been disregarded as a social reformer and theorist. I would argue, however, that contemporary readers may draw value from his work, which had to wait hundreds of years to be properly and sympathetically collated, albeit only through a fairly limited print run in 1993. 

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GR Week in Review: Police States, Failures of Capitalism and Global Warfare

9 May 2012 — Global Research
Police States:
After reporting this week on a Pentagon-created plan for interning activists at re-education camps, questions were asked about the US Army manual that allegedly outlines the resettling of US citizens. Can Americans be sent to propaganda prisons?” (POLICE STATE: Army manual for re-education camps applies to US citizens) Continue reading

Information Clearing House Newsletter 8 February 2012: US Will Continue to Arm Anti-government Rebels in Syria

8 February, 2012Information Clearing House

Intervention in Syria will Escalate Not Stop the Killing
By Seumas Milne
For the US, Britain and their allies to indulge in moral posturing over Syria or pose as friends of its people is preposterous.

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ColdType June-July 2011 Issue

14 June 2011 — Coldtype

Download in pdf format at http://www.coldtype.net

1. Back to the, er, past . . .
This month we’ve changed our name from The ColdType Reader back to the original, and simpler, title of ColdType. It’s the third time we’ve changed our name: the first incarnation of ColdType was in tabloidprinted format; then, after a long hiatus, it became ColdType2, an e-magazine inside ColdType.net. After a couple of issues, we switched to the less-confusing ColdType Reader. Now, with our 57th issue, we’re back where we began: ColdType. – Tony Sutton, editor

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