Yemen Newslinks for 15 June 2011: CIA to send armed drones into Yemen

15 June 2011 —

UN official calls for Syria probe…US preps for Yemen problems
9&10 News
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is getting ready in case the worst happens in Yemen. The US is building a secret CIA air base in the Persian Gulf region to target al-Qaida terrorists there in case anti-American factions win the Yemeni power …

CIA to send armed drones into Yemen
Boston Globe
By Greg Miller WASHINGTON — The CIA is expected to begin operating armed drones over Yemen, expanding the hunt for Al Qaeda operatives in a country where counterterrorism efforts have been disrupted by political chaos, US officials said. …

‘Qaeda’ gunmen kill Yemeni police as attacks spread
ADEN, Yemen — Dozens of alleged Al-Qaeda gunmen attacked security and government buildings in the southern Yemeni town of Huta on Wednesday killing a policeman and wounding six others, medics and residents said. Fierce clashes broke out at dawn …

Yemen hospital lets 500 Indian staffers go
Hindustan Times
After days of painful negotiations, a hospital in strife torn Yemen has agreed to release 500 Indian staffers, saying they have no objections to their travel or in giving them an experience certificate. “We would like to inform you that we have no …

Yemen peace efforts to continue: GCC
Arab News
By PK ABDUL GHAFOUR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will continue its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Yemen crisis, said Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates. …

Arab Spring ruining Yemeni diplomat’s summer
Washington Post
Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST – Abdulwahab Abdulla Al-Hajjri, Yemeni Ambassador to the US, speaks during an interview at the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen on June 9, 2011. By Jason Horowitz, The Arab Spring has ruined Abdulwahab Abdulla al-Hajjri’s …

US says fight against al Qaeda on track in Yemen
AFP (File Photo) WASHINGTON: The United States is still cooperating with Yemen in the fight against al Qaeda despite the Gulf nation’s political crisis and the absence of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a top official said Tuesday. …

Army forces intensify air strikes on al-Qaida in south Yemen
ADEN, Yemen, June 14 (Xinhua) — The army forces intensified air-strikes
against al-Qaida targets in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan, carrying
out a number of strikes on Tuesday, a local military official told Xinhua.
Strikes by the air forces …

Commentary: McConnell’s ‘war on coal’ rant ignores real challenges
Kansas City Star
I don’t mean the never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the covert wars
in Libya and Yemen or even the nebulous wars against terrorism and drugs. I
mean the “War on Coal.” All of Kentucky’s politicians are talking about it
— at least all of those …

Arab spring … is it fall already?
The Nation, Pakistan
In the past 10 days, crucial developments in Syria, Libya and Yemen have
set these countries spiralling into violent and intractable struggles for
power. In Syria, thousands of troops have assaulted the northern town of
Jisr al-Shughour where the …–is-it-fall-already

Report: CIA building drone base near Yemen – Marine Corps News …
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — The United States is building a secret CIA air base in the
Persian Gulf region to target terrorists in Yemen, preparing for the
possibility that an anti-American faction may take over Yemen and ban U.S.
forces from hunting …

Saudi Arabia’s Yemen dilemma – Global Public Square – Blogs
By amarcnn
Editor’s Note: Bernard Haykel is Professor of Near Eastern Studies at
Princeton University. For more long-form analysis, visit By Bernard Haykel Saudi Arabia, perpetually in fear of
chaos and instability, …

Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Yemen President’s Half Brother And Top …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
SANAA– His men address him with respect, calling him “Efendim,” (Sir). The
demonstrators calling for change prefer “Mohsen,” with just a touch of

Who Tried to Assassinate Yemen’s President? – Global – The …
Authorities are rounding up suspects with the FBI’s help.

Yemen sees largest protests since president left
SANAA, Yemen (AP) – Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis demonstrated in nearly
every major city of the country on Tuesday, demanding trial for the family
and close aides of the ailing president. They were the largest protests
since …

CIA to operate drones over Yemen – The Washington Post
The move expands the U.S. presence in the tumultuous area, where drone
operations are currently directed by the Pentagon.

Thirty killed in Yemen amid Saleh power vacuum | Reuters
ADEN/SANAA (Reuters) – Twenty one al Qaeda members and nine Yemeni soldiers
were killed in fighting on Saturday in a province where the main city was
seized …

FBI arrives in Yemen for investigation of palace bombing
2 items … SANA’A, June 12 — The United States has sent an FBI forensics
team to Yemen to investigate the attack on the compound of President Ali
Abdullah Saleh …

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