Videos: Overview of Anti-NATO Rebel Alliance & Pro Government Demonstrations in Libya

16 July 2011 — Waterput

On July 15th, 2011 the NATO countries with a few Arab countries agreed to regard their Rebels in Libya as the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people. They also decided that the Libyan money that was ‘freezed’ by these nations is now ready to be given to the opposition forces. This has all been covered by the Western media as a good humanitarian development in support of freedom fighters against the loyalist forces of the cruel dictator Gaddafi.

Words make all the difference in the world and so far the western words were blindly spread by the news media. The result is that the words of millions of Libyan people are suppressed because they have a different message altogether. For those who haven’t noticed: millions of people in various cities in Libya have gone to the streets to protest against NATO – sometimes even burning flags of European nations – and their military, political, financial alliance with the Rebels of the East.

In the view of these green people (green being the color of the Libyan flag and now the color of all who oppose the NATO Rebel Alliance) NATO has declared war on all those millions of Libyans by officially backing those ‘traitors of the East’ (as they are called) who would be helpless without the support of the mighty killing warplanes of their NATO allies.

This piece of information is heavily suppressed by the Alliance, since it is not good for the public opinion if the world knew that NATO is helping to turn peaceful green cities into battlefields by assisting their rebel forces in many ways. Below are a few youtube movies that display the green protests against the imperialistic war declaration against them.

Zaltan (near Tunisian border), July 27, 2011:
Al-Khoms, July 26, 2011:
Sirte, July 21, 2011:

Zawijah, July 16, 2011:

Zliten, July 15, 2011:
Ajaylat, July 14, 2011:
Sabha, July 9, 2011:
Tripoli, July 1 and June 17, 2011:

One thought on “Videos: Overview of Anti-NATO Rebel Alliance & Pro Government Demonstrations in Libya

  1. ELLEN says:

    make a Trip with Gaddafi in an open car trough Tripoli
    watch the beautyful town and people
    – with some key data about Libya:



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