Video: Lizzy Phelan's site still closed – Voltairenet online-again – More Censorship due to Libyan Situation?

24 August 2011 — Waterput

UPDATE August 24, 2011 – 20:16 Libyan Time: Thierry Meyssan’s website is on-line again. Why was the site taken off the air during the release of journalists? Possibly to protect themselves? Lizzie Phelan’s website is still off-line. If anyone can explain, please don’t hesitate to do so. Take a look at (10) to see a youtube video from someone who shared our worries.

Today a reader informed me about a shocking development in the crusade against those who think differently than the NATO-countries: Thierry Meyssan’s VOLTAIRENET.ORG (1) has been removed from internet!

As I have informed you before in an earlier articles (2, 3) there are strange things going on with censorship on youtube dealing with certain NATO-unfriendly videos, like the one below:

Thierry Meyssan (4, 9) talks about being threatened by the US because of his NATO-critical perspective. Now he has become so dangerous to the NATO-countries, especially France and the USA, that they have strafed his website completely. Please spread this news and comment. What are the NATO-countries hiding about what is really going on in Libya? Why are they silencing independent journalists?

If you take a look at Thierry Meyssan’s book ”Operation Sarkozy” (5, 6) you might get an idea why Sarkozy is eager to get rid of this man. In that particular book Thierry Meyssan claims that Sarkozy is in fact a former CIA agent, installed by the US. This might explain the sudden change in French approach to international conflicts since the coming of mr. Sarkozy.

Not only has been closed down, but the site of another critical journalist in Libya, Lizzie Phelan has been taken off the air! (7)

Is NATO trying to hide something terrible that is going on in Tripoli, because of their introduction of the most brutal killers imaginable in the peaceful city of Tripoli?

Here’s a report by Tony Cartalucci whose twitteraccount has been suspended after having been too critical towards NATO (8).


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