Syria Newslinks 16-17 February 2012

17 February

Maybe updated as the day wears on…

China sits out Syria regime change tango

Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
There is a window of opportunity for China to promote its desired outcome in Syria – a ‘third path’ political strategy, one that eschews both regime change and perpetuation of the status quo in favor of evolutionary reform keyed on a new constitution. – Peter Lee (Feb 17, ’12)

Friendly advice: France, UK to command ousting of Assad? Today at 10:19
Coordinating help to the Syrian opposition is among the things French and British leaders are discussing on Friday. The anti-government troops lack proper training, and military advisors sent by the west may change the…

Dreaming of a Syria beyond Assad
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
The Syrian National Council, initially wary of the Free Syrian Army, came to the realization that the rebels ‘are a reality on the ground inside Syria‘, says Khaled Khoja, a key member of the council who lives in exile in Turkey. As a result, the groups decided it was in their mutual interest to unify their disparate agendas. – Derek Henry Flood (Feb 17, ’12)

VIDEO: Lebanon monitors events in Syria
BBC News Today at 08:07
As violence across Syria continues, nowhere are events being watched more closely than in neighbouring Lebanon.

New York Times man dies in Syria
BBC News Today at 07:35
New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid, who twice won the Pulitzer Prize and was captured in Libya last year, dies on assignment in Syria.

Hezbollah accuses US, Israel of fuelling unrest in Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 06:28

Russian Envoy Slams UN General Assembly’s Syria Resolution
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 06:23

Groundhog year: Cooking Syria ‘Libya-style’
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 04:23

UN passes Syria resolution calling on Assad to step down
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 03:13

“The State of US Hegemony: UN General Assembly Resolution on Syria, 16.02.12” Today at 00:42
‘Ironically, Syria has achieved its stated goal of Arab unity. All pro-US Arab regimes have united, not against Israel, but against Syria.’ — Ikhras

MSM Information war over Syria Yesterday at 23:44
As the anti-Syrian government resolution gets pushed through at the UN General Assembly, RT looks at the way the mainstream media have been fighting the battle of American officials.

Resolution on Syria passed by UN General Assembly Yesterday at 21:27
The UN General Assembly has passed the new draft resolution on Syria with 137 in favor, 12 against and 17 abstaining, Russia, China voted against it.

Russia will not support new draft resolution on Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 21:06

UN assembly poised for Syria vote
BBC News Yesterday at 20:42
A resolution condemning rights violations in Syria goes before the UN General Assembly, as China prepares to send an envoy to Damascus.

Churchill’s Shadow in UN
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:00
In his time then Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill proved the fact that a gap between a public politician and a public call girl could be narrowed to minimum… The spiritual successors of Churchill appear to never leave the Western political kitchen. Their motto is – play a dirty trick and do it as elegantly as you can. That’s what brings indefatigable UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon into the focus of international observers attention more and more often. Just recently speaking at the final 2011 results wrap up press conference he surprised the audience with his eloquence praising those who bombed Libya… Now Ban Ki-moon turned to Syria

Week in Review: Crushing the Dollar, Anti-Dissent Laws and NATO’s Secret War on Syria Yesterday at 18:55
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

West Must Observe Democracy In Global Affairs, Its Media Don’t Speak For The World
Stop NATO Yesterday at 18:11
China Daily
February 16, 2012
Respect for different viewpoints
By He Wenping
Western countries should observe democracy in international relations and their media does not speak for everyone

Russia’s embassy in Damascus denies reports on sending troops to Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:50

US double standards: Indirectly arming Syrian rebels?
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:48

EU Urges Russia to Halt Syria Arms Sales
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:46

OIC demands peaceful solution
Morning Star Yesterday at 15:17
The leader of the 57-country Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has called for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

Symbols of the Syrian opposition
BBC News Yesterday at 10:51
Tears, songs and waterwheels – emblems of Syrian resistance

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