Map Reading By Harry Feldman

28 November 2012 — Bureau of Counterpropaganda

Versions of this graphic have been circulating for years, but now it seems to have gone viral on Facebook. Does that make it a ‘meme’? Whatever it is, it turns up on my newsfeed every day or two as if it were some astonishing new revelation, and largely from people who ought to know better.

CCR Attorneys Applaud Ecuador’s Decision to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange

16 August 2012Center for Constitutional Rights

012, New York—Today, in response to Ecuador’s decision to grant political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Executive Director Vincent Warren issued the following statement: Continue reading

Russian Position On Syria: Myths And Reality Russia By Alexander Yakovenko*

19 March, 2012Russia & India Report

It is well known how long it took for the political situation in France to return to normal after the 1789 revolution. Perhaps in England it took less time – 50 years – to achieve a settlement in the form of the Glorious Revolution. Neither the Enlightenment, nor the European revolutions could protect Europe and the world from the catastrophe of World War I. Why not help others avoid such a bloody path and carry out transformational processes by evolutionary methods?

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Humanitarian Intervention: “Right To Intervene,” Overthrow Governments By Ruan Zongze*

15 March, 2012 — China DailyStop NATO

Responsible protection

Since the 1990s, the West has introduced an array of ideas, such as “humanitarian intervention”, “human rights above sovereignty” and “exceptionalism”, in an attempt to provide a theoretical basis for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Responsibility to protect is merely the latest addition to this list.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 19-25 February 2012: Kosovo / Syria / UN / Arab League / Russia / China /Venezuela / Afghanistan

25 February 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Kosovo Serbs Caught in Crossfire from Three Points

25.02.2012 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

The debates over Serbia’s bid for the status of a EU candidate, which are due to open in Brussels in March, will likely provoke a new round of destabilization in the Serbian districts of the province. The February 14-15 referendum in four Serbian communities in northern Kosovo confirmed the obvious: their populations continue to overwhelmingly reject the Albanian ethnic rule… One gets a distinct impression that the Kosovo Serbs are in the process of switching to a completely independent role in the Balkan politics, challenging Pristina, Brussels or, if necessary, Belgrade…

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Wrongheaded UN Vote on Syria: US-NATO "Arm Twisting" at the General Assembly By Stephen Lendman

18 February, 2012Global Research

On February 4, Russia and China vetoed the Arab League’s one-sided Syria resolution (SC/10536). It illegitimately called for Assad to step down.

Under international law, no nation or combination thereof, may interfere in the internal affairs of others, except in self-defense if attacked.

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Syria Newslinks 16-17 February 2012

17 February

Maybe updated as the day wears on…

China sits out Syria regime change tango

Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
There is a window of opportunity for China to promote its desired outcome in Syria – a ‘third path’ political strategy, one that eschews both regime change and perpetuation of the status quo in favor of evolutionary reform keyed on a new constitution. – Peter Lee (Feb 17, ’12)

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Syria Newslinks 10-11 February 2012

11 February 2012 18:46:51 —

Foolishly ignoring the
Arab League Report on Syria

occupation magazine – articles Today at 23:59
Sharmine Narwani – Alakhbar English – There is powerful evidence that the mission of the Arab League Observers in Syria has been subjected to a campaign of sabotage aimed at eliminating the possibility of a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria

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