Wikileaks Newslinks 7 March 2012

7 March


Wikileaks: Bin Laden’s body moved on CIA plane to US

Gant Daily

Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – WikiLeaks on Tuesday made another stunning revelation when it released e-mails claiming that the body of former Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was not buried at sea, but instead moved on a CIA plane to the United …


WikiLeaksStratfor email hints Osama bin Laden’s body may be in the US – report

In a Stratfor email reportedly released by Anonymous and WikiLeaks, Osama

bin Laden is rumoured to have been flown to the US for cremation at a

secret site. The al-Qaeda boss was supposed to have been buried at sea off

the USS Carl Vinson after he was …


WikiLeaks Scoop About Bin Laden‘s Body Is Awfully Thin

The Atlantic Wire

One of the most dubious revelations from the Stratfor document dump on — unfounded skepticism about the whereabouts of Osama bin

Laden’s body — is drawing the most attention in the media this week. In

the last five days, …


WikiLeaks: Iran “destroyed,” OBL corpse “Dover bound”

Washington – WikiLeaks recently ended its long period of silence with the

new release of five million e-mails from the global intelligence company

Stratfor. One such email relates to Osama Bin Laden‘s body. Though not

everything has been released to …


Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Israel Day 9, Netanyahu Will do “Whatever …


Since February 27, 2012, WikiLeaks has continued releasing what it says

will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late

December 2011 from the private intelligence company Stratfor. The emails

were obtained from a series of hacking …


Wikileaks: Bin Laden‘s Body Flown to Del., Not Buried at Sea

NBC 10 Philadelphia

By Teresa Masterson E-mails released by Wikileaks suggest that Osama bin

Laden’s body was not immediately buried at sea as US government officials

told the public. The communications say that the al-Qaeda leader’s body was

allegedly sent to Dover, …


Wikileaks: Stratfor bosses thought Osama bin Laden body was flown to US

The email was among a trove of five million messages hacked from the firm’s

servers by the Anonymous group and placed on the Internet by WikiLeaks. Mr

Burton had boasted in other emails about his “trusted former CIA

cronies” and promised to glean …


WikiLeaks: Netanyahu Said Obama Wears ‘Rose-Colored Glasses’

Arutz Sheva

Netanyahu said that President Obama is wearing “rose-colored glasses”

when looking at the Iranian nuclear threat, WikiLeaks reported. By Tzvi Ben

Gedalyahu Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said two years ago that

President Barack Obama is wearing …


Wikileaks strikes again

Brock Press

27 the international activist organization WikiLeaks began releasing over

five million E-mails from the private security firm Stratfor. The E-mails

contain sensitive information on objectives to subvert the WikiLeaks

organization, …


Osama buried in the US: WikiLeaks


There are now e-mails that were leaked and posted online by WikiLeaks. The

e-mails raise massive questions as to whether Osama Bin Laden‘s death and

whether he was cremated in America. The emails were allegedly obtained by

the hacker group Anonymous …


Wikileaks: Stratfor analysts think bin Laden was not buried at sea

Human Events

by John Hayward WikiLeaks has been releasing emails pilfered from Stratfor,

a private global intelligence firm. One email thread in particular has been

grabbing headlines today, even though it was actually disclosed last week

– The Journal has a story …


Non Hip-Hop Rumors: WikiLeaks Releases E-mails Suggesting Bin Laden Not Buried …


by Sydney Lace March 6th, 2012 @ 4:01pm WikiLeaks is at it again! According

to several classified e-mails released today, the US Marines did not bury

Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden at sea following his execution in a

Pakistan raid, but instead Bin …


Wikileaks: Bin Laden Body Not Buried at Sea

The Moral Liberal

Obama bin Laden’s body was not buried at sea, as claimed by the Obama

administration, according to leaked emails from private intelligence firm

Stratfor by the WikiLeaks Web site. One email by Fred Burton, the firms’

vice president of intelligence, …


Leaked emails show Stratfor official’s doubts about disposal of Bin Laden‘s body

Toronto Star

The emails were part of a massive WikiLeaks operation that in February

began publishing information from Stratfor Global Intelligence, a US-based

firm which describes itself as “a publisher of geopolitical analysis.”

It has been likened by some to a …–osama-bin-laden-s-body-may-not-have-been-buried-at-sea-leaked-emails-show


Osama bin Laden WAS NOT buried at sea, but flown to US for cremation, leaked …

Daily Mail

But in a particular set of emails given to WikiLeaks, the firm’s vice

president for intelligence, Fred Burton, says he doubts the official White

House version of what happened to bin Laden’s body. Stratfor‘s

vice-president for intelligence, …


WikiLeaks attempts to distance itself from previous media relationships with …

The Drum

WikiLeaks has attempted to distance itself from media publications such as

The Guardian and Rolling Stone, which it previously had partnership

relationships with. The whistleblowing website tweeted earlier this week

the following tweet; …


WikiLeaks, Stratfor and Papua New Guinea’s Corrupt Politics

Asia Sentinel

“Source CN65” was quickly tasked and his subsequent reports, released

by WikiLeaks, provide a direct insight into the chaotic and often corrupt

PNG political scene. CN65 didn’t mince words about PNG’s new Prime

Minister, Peter O’Neill.


Leaked emails reignite bin Laden body debate


An email trail released by WikiLeaks shows an intelligence executive at

Stratfor — often called the ‘shadow CIA‘ — believed the former al-Qaeda

leader’s body was being flown to an army base in the US, Britain’s

Telegraph newspaper reports.


Osama Bin Laden‘s Body Not Buried at Sea But Flown to Dover: Leaked Emails Reveal

International Business Times

By Drishya Nair: Subscribe to Drishya’s RSS feed Adding fuel to

speculations that Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden‘s body has not been buried

at sea (as claimed by the Obama administration), there are now leaked

secret emails released by Wikileaks that …


Missoula man launches WikiLeaks-type site

Missoula Independent (blog)

But when he’s not working with MCC on Forest Service contracts, he’s busy

running Honest Appalachia, a new WikiLeaks-type website designed to help

whistleblowers anonymously leak documents to journalists and the public.

“The idea is that as traditional …


Rick Santorum’s Wikileaks


Catholic scold Rick Santorum thinks Julian Assange is a “terrorist”—and

ought to be prosecuted as such—for his role in releasing thousands of

pages of classified documents on the internet. He ought to know: In 2006,

Sen. Rick Santorum literally …


Stratfor leaks: NATO commandos in illegal special ops in Syria


The information comes from a hacked email from leading private US

intelligence agency Stratfor, whose correspondence has been released by

Wikileaks since February 27. The email appears to be written from the

address of Reva Bhalla ( …


WikiLeaks speaks out against “fabricated” Swedish press reports

The Drum

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks have issued a statement criticising the

recent widespread reporting of “two fabricated reports” in the Swedish

press. Originating in the daily tabloid Expressen these made accusations

that WikiLeaks was engaged in plots …


‘Osama’s body wasn’t buried at sea, taken to US

Zee News

Washington: In a sensational disclosure, Stratfor emails published by

WikiLeaks have revealed that al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden’s body was

not buried at sea, as claimed by the US. The emails quote Stratfor vice

president for intelligence, …


Bin Laden sea burial cast into doubt

TG Daily

Two weeks ago, Wikileaks started publishing several million emails

harvested during the attack. And, now, some of the latest look set to

excite the conspiracy theorists. The official White House story is that Bin

Laden’s body was buried at sea on May 2 …


Emails claim bin Laden’s body brought to US

New York Post

Millions of emails were put on WikiLeaks from Stratfor, a private agency

that monitors global sources of intelligence information. The missives

released by WikiLeaks are allegedly from Stratfor‘s firm’s vice president

for intelligence, Fred Burton.


Is Turkey’s Prime Minister Dying of Cancer?

International Business Times

By Palash R. Ghosh: Subscribe to Palash’s RSS feed The Prime Minister of

Turkey is in extremely fragile health, according to emails leaked from

Stratfor, the US intelligence security analysis firm that has come under

fire from Wikileaks and Anonymous …


Osama not buried at sea? Stratfor ‘bullshit artists’ say so


Agencies and Stratfor emails, which were hacked by the

hactivist group Anonymous and published by the whistleblower website

WikiLeaks, show that the analysts at the thinktank believed, with little or

no corroboration, that Osama bin Laden, …


Wikileaks: Osama not buried at sea

According to e-mails, the al-Qaeda chief’s body was brought to US by CIA

after he was killed in Pakistan The body of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden

was not buried at sea, according to leaked e-mails of intelligence firm

Stratfor, …


Live Blog: WikiLeaks Releases the Stratfor Emails (Day 9) | The …

By Kevin Gosztola

Stratfor‘s raison d’etre would seem to be to provide a sinecure for out of

work or wanna-be spies, intelligence analysts, security officials and

“diplomats” who aren’t high enough up the CIA or State Department food

chain or respected enough to …


WikiLeaks: Bin Laden‘s Body In Us | THE WESTERN EXPERIENCE

By Jason Bradley

The body of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was not buried at sea,

according to leaked emails of intelligence firm Stratfor, as revealed by

WikiLeaks. Stratfor‘s vice-president for intelligence, Fred Burton,

believes the body was “bound for …


Sweden’s FOI publicly slandering WikiLeaks while in secret help …

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy)

FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency – subordinated to the Ministry

of Defence of “Neutral” Sweden, is now reported of helping in complete

secrecy – totally behind the Swedish public and Parliament – the building

of a missile factory on …


Malum Nalu: WikiLeaks, Stratfor and Papua New Guinea’s corrupt …

By Malum Nalu

Stratfor‘s Source CN65 was revealed by WikiLeaks last week to be the former

Australian Senator, Bill O’Chee. A Queensland National Party Senator from

1990 to 1999, O’Chee was the first ethnic-Chinese Australian to serve in

the Australian …


The Saga of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Wikileaks, to be …

By Kiyul Chung

For exposing such embarrassing and less-than-honorable behavior, Bradley

Manning of the United States Army and Julian Assange of Wikileaks may spend

most of their remaining days in a modern dungeon, much of it while

undergoing that …


Wikileaks Releases Hacked Stratfor E-mails That Suggest Bin …

By Scotty Starnes

Austin, Texas-based Stratfor is a very well-connected organization

described by WikiLeaks as “a company that fronts as an intelligence

publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large

corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow …


WikiLeaks: Netanyahu said Obama wears ‘rose-colored glasses …

By Say It Ain’t So

The leaked email was reported by the Algemeiner website and was among 5

million emails that WikiLeaks says it obtained in cooperation with the

hacker Anonymous group. It hacked the U.S.-based Stratfor intelligence



Wikileaks: Bin Laden Body Not Buried at Sea – UN slams Bradley …

By Worldwide Hippies

Obama bin Laden’s body was not buried at sea, as claimed by the Obama

administration, according to leaked emails from private intelligence firm

Stratfor by the WikiLeaks Web site. One email by Fred Burton, the firms’

vice president of …


[E.O.M.S.]: Ex-senator named by WikiLeaks as Australian Stratfor

By Mona

Former National Party senator and businessman Bill O’Chee has been revealed

as the most prolific Australian informant of a controversial private global

intelligence company that is the target of a new campaign by WikiLeaks

Via. From the …


Wikileaks: Anand on the 2006 coup « Political Prisoners of Thailand

By Political prisoners of thailand

Wikileaks: Anand on the 2006 coup. Following the 19 September 2006

palace-military coup, U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce met with palace insider

and former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun. Boyce’s conversation with

Anand is reported …


Wikileaks reveals grievous Democrat 2008 election crimes …

By Tea Party Brief

Tea Party Brief is the official news aggregation site containing stories

and articles of interest to the Tea Party Movement.


Christine Assange’s Talking Points | WL Central

By Jaraparilla

Christine Assange, mother of WikiLeaks founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian

Assange, has spent many long months reaching out to supporters and urging

them to contact their local political representatives. Recognising that

many politicians do …


Wikileaks reveals Democrat 2008 election crimes

The latest activity by Wikileaks dumped some 5 million emails and documents

hacked from the database of Stratfor Intelligence. The emails reveal

Democrats’ …


Schneier on Security: State Department Redacts Wikileaks Cables

State Department Redacts Wikileaks Cables. The ACLU filed a FOIA request

for a bunch of cables that Wikileaks had already released complete versions



WikiLeaks: “Private Spies” Stratfor Helped Dow Chemical Monitor …

Emails leaked by WikiLeaks from the private intelligence firm Stratfor

reveal the chemical …


Wikileaks Stratfor Memo Reminiscent of a Spy Novel – CNBC

Activist group Wikileaks released a memo on Sunday allegedly written by

private intelligence company Stratfor‘s CEO George Friedman. The jargon in

the memo …

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