GR: “Progressive” War Propaganda: Deception with a Human Face Selected Articles

26 July, 2012 — Global Research

Is the Western “progressive” alternative media being duped by classic war propaganda cloaked in a humanitarian narrative or is it trying to lure the public into supporting military intervention?

Several Global Research authors have questioned the focus of high profile alternative news outlets, which have supported the so-called Arab Spring revolutionaries in Libya and Syria

Throughout history “left-wing” pundits have been recruited by war propagandists to galvanize “progressive public opinion” in favour of a humanitarian “Responsibility to Protect” military intervention

Even though this deceitful technique has been used from time immemorial, it still works remarkably well today.

With mainstream war mongering and the absence of a real Western antiwar movement, war propaganda is now storming on all fronts and facing hardly any resistance.

Here is a list of recent articles published by Global Research on this topic.


“Progressive” Journalism’s Legacy of Deceit – by Prof. James F. Tracy – 2012-07-20

Progressive-left media persist in acting as propaganda outlets for the US-NATO destabilization of Syria. The historical record suggests how this is not the first time “Progressive publicists” were used to sell a war. 

The Arab Spring story in a nutshell: Fake springs, post-modern coup d’etat – by Prof. Ismael Hossein-zadeh – 2012-07-22

Soon after being caught by surprise by the glorious uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, the counterrevolutionary forces headed by the United States embarked on damage control. A major strategy in pursuit of this objective has been to foment civil war and regime change in “unfriendly” places, and then portray them as part of the Arab Spring 

– by Vitaly Churkin – 2012-07-20

Humanitarian intervention unfortunately only sounds humane, but the fact of the matter is that any military intervention for whatever reason is inevitably going to cause more bloodshed. And we know the greatest humanitarians in the world – the US and UK – intervened in Iraq, for instance, citing all sorts of noble pretexts, in that particular case – non-existent weapons of mass destruction. 

Watching Syria, remembering Nicaragua History shows U.S. viciously attacks—not supports—real revolutions

– by Richard Becker – 2012-07-22

The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition – by James Petras, Robin Eastman Abaya – 2012-07-25

Recycled Propaganda from Libya: Media Hysteria Over Syrian Government “Bombings” of Aleppo

If tired WMD lies won’t convince the public to back foreign intervention, perhaps recycled lies from Libya?
– by Tony Cartalucci – 2012-07-25 
Freedom is slavery, popular support is authoritarianism The Mainstream Media’s double-speak

– by Lizzie Phelan – 2012-07-26

Because the alternative media are supposed to be independent, critical, non-corporate, the public tends to consider their reports as objective and unbiased…

“Manufacturing Dissent”: the Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites The People’s Movement has been Hijacked – by Michel Chossudovsky – 2010-09-20
The People’s Movement has been Hijacked

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