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8 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Kidnap 9, Including 3 Children, In The West Bank
IMEMC – The Israeli army kidnapped late on Friday evening, and on Saturday at dawn, nine Palestinians, including three children, in different parts of the occupied West Bank. …

Mashal Calls On Arab Countries To Support Resistance
IMEMC – Speaking the massive celebration marking the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Hamas, in Gaza, Khaled Mashal head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, called on the Arab countries to support the Palestinian resistance with “arms and money”, and said that “Palestine is from the river to the sea, and will always remain Arab and Islamic”. …

Ma’an News

Hamas: Israel threatened to cancel ceasefire over Mashaal visit
12/9/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Israel threatened to cancel the ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt if Hamas‘chief in exile and his delegation visited the Gaza Strip for the movement’s 25th anniversary, says senior Hamas leader Izzat al-Rishiq. In an interview with the Hamas-affiliated al-Aqsa TV Saturday, al-Rishiqsaid, “We received real threats….

Mashaal attends mass celebration for Hamas anniversary
12/8/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal, on his first trip to the Gaza Strip, joined flag-waving crowds gathered in Gaza City at a festival marking the 25th anniversary of the movement. Mashaal and Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh came on to the festival’s stage through a gate designed like an M75….

Mashaal: Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem
12/7/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal made his first visit to the Gaza Strip on Friday, telling crowds he hoped his next visit would be to Jerusalem, Ramallah and a liberated Palestine. After passing through the Egyptian border crossing, Mashaal knelt on the ground to offer a prayer of thanks and was….

Israeli troops storm Bethlehem area, detain 5
12/8/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – Israeli forces ransacked several homes in the Bethlehem district in the southern West Bank early Saturday and detained five young Palestinians. Locals and eyewitnesses told Ma’an that Israeli military vehicles stormed al-Saff and Hindaza neighborhoods of Bethlehem breaking into several homes before daybreak. The invading troops detained three young….

Qalqiliya prisoner completes 25 years in Israeli jail
12/8/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Adel Hasan Dawood, 47, on Saturday completes his 25th year in Israeli jails bringing the number of Palestinian prisoners who served more than a quarter decade to 22. According to the director of Gaza-based Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies Riyad al-Ashqar, Dawood, from Qalqiliya in the northern….

Threatened village proposed as next UNESCO world heritage site
12/7/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The ancient village of Battir, near Bethlehem, will be one of two sites submitted to UNESCO for World Heritage status by Palestine next year, an official said Friday. UNESCO granted Palestine full membership last year, and inscribed the first Palestinian World Heritage, Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, this June….

Olmert says Israel facing unprecedented isolation
12/9/2012 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said on Saturday that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu was taking Israel into unprecedented isolation with its policy on Jewish settlements. He singled out Israel‘s recent announcement that it would build new settlement homes in the E1 corridor near Jerusalem. The plan has sparked international….

Barghouthi thanks Finland, Italy, Brazil for UN vote
12/8/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – Palestinian lawmaker and secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa Barghouthi on Saturday held separate meetings with ambassadors of Finland, Brazil and Italy. Barghouthi thanked them for their countries’ support to the Palestinian bid to the UN General Assembly which was approved by an overwhelming majority promoting the status of….

Japan donates $12.5 million to PA
12/8/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Japan’s government on Saturday made two donations totaling $12. 5 million to help the Palestinian Authority government to improve waste management and buy industrial equipment. A statement from Japan’s representative office to the PA said 800 million Yen ($10 million) was donated to expand a landfill site….

Hamas leaders praise resistance, unity at Gaza rally
12/8/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas‘ top officials on Saturday addressed teaming crowds gathered in Gaza City to celebrate the party’s founding, insisting on the right to resist Israel while emphasizing the importance of reconciliation with their Fatah rivals. Party chief Khaled Mashaal, on his first visit to Gaza, told the crowds….

Former PA chief of justice forms new political party
12/8/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Former Palestinian Authority Chief of Justice Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi announced the formation of a new political party on Saturday. Sheikh Tamimi told Ma’an that the official launching of the Freedom and Independence Party for the Defense of Holy Sites will take place on Wednesday at the Rocky hotel in….

Exiled Hamas leader set for historic Gaza visit
12/7/2012GAZA (Reuters) — Hamas‘s exiled leader will step onto Palestinian land for the first time in 45 years on Friday for a “victory rally” in the Gaza Strip, displaying his newfound confidence after last month’s conflict with Israel. The Islamist group’s leader, Khaled Mashaal, who has not visited the Palestinian….

Hamas leader returns to Gaza with wider ambitions
12/7/2012 – Reuters) — Fifteen years after Israel tried to assassinate him in Jordan, Islamist leader Khalid Mashaal says Israel would not risk trying again on his triumphant return to Palestinian land. Not only has his Hamas movement which runs Gaza gained popularity among Palestinians from a recent war with Israel, it has begun to overcome its pariah….

Gaza minister of interior frees 80 prisoners
12/7/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The ministry of interior in the Gaza Strip decided Friday to release 80 prisoners who had served two-thirds of their sentences as a celebratory gesture following Palestine’s admission to the UN. Ministry spokesman Islam Shahwan said in a statement that the minister, Fathi Hamad, made the gesture after….

Joy at return of Hamas leader tinged by unity regret
12/7/2012GAZA CITY (Reuters) — Policemen kissed him, crowds mobbed him and gunfire rattled out in celebration as Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal made his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip. But the scenes of joy at his arrival in this small splinter of land could not disguise deep-rooted disunity between the Palestinian factions, ensuring its people….

Iranian warships’ visit risks straining Sudan-Gulf ties
12/8/2012 – PORT SUDAN, Sudan (Reuters) — A second visit by Iranian warships to Sudan in little over a month risks widening divisions inside the African country’s government and upsetting its Gulf Arab donors. Two Iranian navy ships also visited in October, days after Sudan accused Israel of bombing a weapons factory in the capital Khartoum….

Egypt’s Mursi to authorize army to take on security role
12/8/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — Egypt‘s President Mohamed Mursi, facing street protests over his attempts to push through a new constitution, will soon authorize the armed forces to help police keep order, the state-run newspaper al-Ahram reported on Saturday. The daily said the cabinet had approved a legal measure under which the armed forces would help….

End drawing close for Syria’s Assad, German spy chief says
12/8/2012 – BERLIN (Reuters) — Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government is its final stages and will be unable to survive as more parts of the country slip from his control, the head of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency said.” Armed rebels are co-coordinating better, which is making their fight against Assad more effective,” Gerhard Schindler….

Man suspected of involvement in Benghazi attack held in Egypt
12/8/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — Egyptian authorities are holding a man whose militant group is suspected of links to an attack in Libya in which the American ambassador was killed, US officials in Washington and a security source in Cairo said on Saturday.” They arrested Mohamed Gamal,” said one US official. The security source in Cairo, giving the….


Hamas’ Meshaal vows to ‘continue resistance’
AlJazeera 8 Dec 2012 – Statehood will not be “fruit of negotiations” with Israel, leader of Palestinian group says during first visit to Gaza.

Palestine News Network

ARIJ and Integrity Committee in Jericho Meets New Municipal Council
Palestine News Network

Mashaal: Palestine is Ours, Hamas Won’t Recognize Israel
Palestine News Network

Netanyahu Reveals the True Face of Israel
Palestine News Network

In Solidarity with Prisoners, Dozens of Palestinians Suffocated in Bil’in
Palestine News Network

Settlers Storm the Evacuated Tarsala Settlement
Palestine News Network

Israeli Occupation Storm Jenin, Set Military Checkpoints
Palestine News Network

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement

VIDEO – Clashes erupt in Hebron after Israeli forces provoke Palestinians in area H1
12/7/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – 6 December 2012, International Solidarity Movement, Hebron, Occupied Palestine – Clashes broke out in Hebron on Thursday after a confrontation between Palestinian Authority police and Israeli Occupation Forces.  On Wednesday there was a verbal confrontation between a Palestinian Police officer and the Israeli Army. The following day Israeli Forces spotted the Officer while they were on….

VIDEO – Gaza fishermen after the ceasefire
12/7/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – 6 December 2012, Johnny Barber – On Wednesday 5th December, Gaza fishermen staged a peaceful protest in the port of Gaza City, in order to highlight the Israeli attacks on their livelihoods. They were supported by the local Fishing Union, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Gaza fishermen constantly…. Related: 012 at Gaza port

One Voice in Gaza: normalization at its best!
12/6/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – 5 December 2012, The One Democratic State Group, Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine – It has come to our knowledge that One Voice, “an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution”, has started recruiting youth from The Gaza Strip. This is…. Related: The One Democratic State Group

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Hamas leader calls for ‘all Palestine,’ national unity
Relief Web 8 Dec 2012 – Source: Agence France-Presse Country: occupied Palestinian territory 12/08/2012 15:34 GMT by Adel Zaanoun and Selim Saheb Ettaba GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories, Dec 8, 2012 (AFP) – Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal rejected on Saturday ceding “an inch” of Palestinian territory…

The National

New life breathed into Kyoto Protocol
The National 8 Dec 2012 – The Kyoto Protocol is given new life as the world’s governments agree to extend their commitment to the legally binding climate-change treaty.

Bahrain’s crown prince calls for more dialogue
The National 8 Dec 2012 – The crown prince is seen widely as a moderate voice within the Al Khalifa family renewed the call for negotiations and reform with an appeal to Shiite religious leaders. 

Is the US ‘war on terror’ still tenable?
The National 8 Dec 2012 – The Pentagon’s top lawyer is the first Obama administration official to raise publicly the challenge of overhauling the vast legal framework that was created in the wake of the September 11, 2011 attacks on the US.

Mirror, mirror … how is my health?
The National 8 Dec 2012 – A world in which a mirror can assess your retinas for high blood pressure and diabetes may be less than 10 years away.

Hoax-call death shocks family
The National 8 Dec 2012 – Jacintha Saldaha was from a village in India. She was also a nurse in London. A victim of a prank phone call from Australia. She died friend, apparently at her own hand.

Can we do it? Yes we can
The National 8 Dec 2012 – Team of engineers creates the world’s largest structure made out of aluminium cans – a replica of Maqta Fort on Taweela beach.

Singing hearts out to ensure Filipino children are educated back home
The National 8 Dec 2012 – Yan ang Boses is a fun event held to raise funds for the UAE chapter of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association.

UAE can learn lessons from Europeans on renewables
The National 8 Dec 2012 – Abu Dhabi is on a mission to get 7 per cent of its power from renewable sources by 2020, and it is starting to show.


After latest Israel-Gaza conflict, Hamas has gained major political strength
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Polling the Israeli polls: Labor stable, Lapid and Meretz evaporating
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Suspect in murder of Israeli settlers claims to be Palestinian Authority cop
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Peace Now chief accuses Labor’s Yacimovich of ‘political grab’
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Israeli dairy giant Tnuva faces criminal probe for alleged animal abuse
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Families of Israeli murder victims say shut out of police investigations
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Why is the birth rate in Israel’s Ethiopian community declining?
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Rare 95-year-old letter reveals Kafka’s mouse phobia
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Former PM Olmert: Netanyahu is isolating Israel from the rest of the world
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Amir Peretz decries ‘hatred,’ ‘contempt’ of former Israeli political partners
Ha’aretz – 8 Dec 2012

Jerusalem Post

Egypt’s Morsi cancels controversial decree amid protests
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Egyptian president rescinds decree that gave him sweeping powers, but issues revised version; national referendum on Egypt‘s new constitution drafted by Islamist-led assembly to proceed as planned despite widespread opposition. 

Migdal Ohr’s Grossman calls for unity on Hanukka
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Migdal Ohr will hold Hanukka candle-lighting ceremonies throughout Israel for 6,000 disadvantaged youth. 

Ensure a safe Hanukka
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Safety authorities urge parents to keep a close eye on children during Hanukka to avoid burns from lit candles and boiling oil. 

Italian deputy calls on EU to ban Hezbollah
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Fiamma Nirenstein submits resolution to parliamentary committee calling on Italian FM to urge EU to list Hezbollah as terror group. 

Report: Syrian gov’t divided on chemical weapons use
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Kuwaiti daily cites Iraqi source as saying Assad officials might ask Iran’s Qods Force to deploy WMDs; report follows warnings by NATO, Washington that use of chemical weapons would be a “red line.” 

Report: Syria gov’t divided on use of WMDs
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Kuwaiti daily cites Iraqi source as saying Assad officials might ask Iran’s Qods Force to deploy chemical weapons

Zoabi: If Balad’s banned, Arabs won’t vote
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Wrapped in a tailored black coat and toting a stylish plaid handbag, MK Haneen Zoabi doesn’t give off the impression of being much of a militant. 

UN approves Israeli entrepreneurship resolution
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Israeli-initiated resolution sees affirmation that entrepreneurship is a critical development tool; hailed as diplomatic victory. 

‘Special kid when I need; regular kid when I can’
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Experts at an int’l conference on problems of chronically ill children charged that Israel, the medical system are not doing enough. 

Lessons for the Left
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – The best solution is for politicians to recognize the damage created by a splintered political map and work to remedy the situation by pursuing unity. 

‘Morsi tasks officials with modifying decree’
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – AFP reports Egyptian president is preparing to amend controversial decree after meeting with elements of the opposition. 

Transliteration: The X factor
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – The conventional spelling for the winter festival used to be “Chanukah,” but that has been abandoned. 

The first Jewish Hellenist
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – When we think about Hanukka, we see it as a conflict between the Hellenists and the traditionalists. 

How the Yacimovich economic program would hurt Israelis
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Today, what Israelis need is not another politician who protects the unions, the tycoons and the government monopolies’ employees. 

Tnuva investigated for alleged animal abuse
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Environment Ministry opens investigation following expose program showing workers electrifying, beating, abusing cattle. 

HRW: Iran’s statements not incitement to genocide
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Human Right Watch leader refuses to label calls to erase Israel; compares mullah’s remarks to those of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. 

Mashaal vows Hamas will not concede land
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Exiled leader says Hamas will “never recognize legitimacy of Israeli occupation;” PM spokesman slams terror group as “murderous.” 

Yacimovich calls Center-Left to unite to topple PM
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Labor leader says public lost faith in politics, urges Center-Left bloc to focus on ousting Netanyahu instead of hurting each other. 

Olmert: I never said I was returning to politics
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Former prime minister cites “personal persecution” by Labor, poor behavior of Center-Left as reasons for staying out of race. 

Jaffa man killed in ongoing crime families feud
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Police believe shooting is linked to feud between the Hamad and Ayash families, no arrests have been made so far. 

Controversy in Jordan over film on sexual harassment
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Students at Jordan university outraged over the firing of a professor that approved a film on sexual harassment. 

UK confirms fears over Syria’s chemical weapons
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Hague says there is “some evidence” Assad is preparing to use weapons against rebels; adds military intervention not ruled out. 

Susan Rice wins Jewish plaudits
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – The US envoy to the UN, a reliable defender of Obama’s foreign policies, is a leading candidate to replace Clinton in the State Dept. 

Islamist coalition urges referendum to go ahead
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood calls for draft constitution plebiscite to be held “without delay;” Egypt‘s army urges dialogue. 

Mashaal vows to Gaza crowds Hamas will not concede land
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Exiled Hamas leader in first visit to Strip tells supporters that the organization will “never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation” in front M-75 missile model; promises to free prisoners held by Israel

Egypt’s army urges dialogue to avoid ‘dark tunnel’
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012 – Military spokesman said the army’s duty is to protect national interests and secure vital state institutions. 

Mashaal: First Gaza, then Ramallah, then Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2012Hamas says half a million attend celebration in Gaza Strip; Hamas leader sets sights on “liberating Palestine,” Ma’an reports; “Today is Gaza. Tomorrow will be Ramallah and after that Jerusalem, then Haifa and Jaffa.” 

‘Morsi may delay on constitution referendum’
Jerusalem Post 7 Dec 2012 – Vice President Mahmud Mekki tells AFP Egypt‘s president may delay plebiscite if opposition vow not to challenge the move. 

The Guardian

Hamas leader vows not to yield ‘an inch of Palestine’ to Israel
The Guardian 8 Dec 2012 – Tens of thousands gather to cheer as Khaled Meshaal claims victory in last month’s war and says more Israeli soldiers could be kidnapped Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal vowed Gaza’s rulers would never give up “an inch…

Gaza prepares for Hamas anniversary rally – video
The Guardian 8 Dec 2012 – Palestinians in Gaza are gathering on Saturday for a rally to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Hamas

Khaled Meshaal to lead Hamas celebration rally in Gaza
The Guardian 8 Dec 2012 – Leader returns from exile to mark founding of Palestinian Islamist group at gathering that Fatah rivals are due to attend The Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is to lead a rally in Gaza on Saturday to mark…

Khaled Meshaal attends Hamas anniversary rally in Gaza – in pictures
The Guardian 8 Dec 2012 – More than 100,000 Palestinians gathered in Gaza for a rally marking the 25th anniversary of Hamas, addressed by the ruling Islamist movement’s exiled leader Khaled Meshaal, who is in Palestinian territory for the first time since…

Inter Press Service

Attack Brings Renewed Strength for Hamas
IPS The Islamist party Hamas had been losing support as a result of economic difficulties and factional fighting. Today Hamas is popular again, heralded for its retaliation in Israel’s latest military assault on the Gaza Strip. Forty-year-old Ahmed Al Biltaji says his sympathy with Gaza after its election in 2006 had…


From Givon Detention to Gaza Open-Air Prison

Daily Star

One killed in renewed north Lebanon clashes
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 At least one person is killed in north Lebanon’s city of Tripoli in renewed fighting between supporters and opponents of Assad as Syria says it will return the bodies of three Lebanese fighters at the end…

Clinton to testify on Benghazi attack report: U.S. lawmaker
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Clinton will testify on a report expected to be released next week on the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, a top Republican lawmaker said on Friday.

Tunisia arrests Salafis in car with explosives: agency
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Tunisian security forces arrest two Salafi Islamists on the border with Algeria in a car full of maps, military costumes and materials for making explosives, the official news agency says.

Yemen army official killed in ambush, army battles tribesmen
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 A senior Yemeni army official is killed in an ambush by suspected al Qaeda members, while the army battles tribesmen who blew up the country’s main oil export pipeline.

Syria warns ‘terror groups’ may resort to chemical weapons
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Syria warns the U.N. that rebels may employ chemical weapons after they gained control of a factory producing toxic chlorine east of Aleppo city.

Brother of Hezbollah minister charged in drugs scandal
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 A brother of Hezbollah Minister Mohammad Fneish is one of seven people to be charged over the recent case of illegally imported drugs into the country, judicial sources say.

Egypt Islamists say want constitution referendum on time
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 A coalition of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups call for a referendum on a draft constitution to go ahead on time on Dec. 15.

Karzai hints at conditional immunity for US troops post-2014
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Afghanistan may consider giving conditional immunity for US troops remaining in the country after NATO forces withdraw in 2014, Karzai says.

Saudi official: Gulf cannot ‘tolerate’ unrest
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 A senior Saudi official says Gulf Arab states must quash any Arab Spring-inspired unrest or risk threats to their leadership across the oil-rich region.

Syria opposition military council by next week: top official
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Syria’s new opposition coalition will announce the creation of a military council before a Friends of Syria meeting next week, to unify the ranks of insurgents, a top official tells AFP.

Ecuador sees support for OPEC climate levy plan
Daily Star 8 Dec 2012 Ecuador believes it has the support of Iran and Qatar for its proposal for OPEC members to pay a small levy on their oil sales to help poor countries, the chief climate negotiator says.

YNet News

Report: Egypt amends constitutional decree 
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – ….

Italy thwarts weapons smuggling at Port of Naples
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – ….

Man suspected of involvement in Benghazi attack held in Egypt 
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – ….

Italy PM Monti will resign as soon as budget passed
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – ….

Egypt’s Morsi preparing to modify decree
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – ….

West’s pet conflict 
YNet News, 8 Dec 2012 – Op-ed: Europe obsessing over Israel-Arab conflict to avoid tackling real Mideast problems ….

Palestinian Information Center

Abu Walid, Welcome home
PIC – The homecoming of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is undoubtedly a land-mark and morale-boosting event for all Palestinians and their supporters.

Mishaal: We will not give up any part of Palestine
PIC – Khaled Mishaal, head of the political bureau of Hamas, renewed his pledge to work for the release of all Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli occupation jails.

Haneyya: Israel’s defeat in Gaza the beginning of its end
PIC – Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the Palestinian government in Gaza, has called for laying down an Arab-Islamic strategy for the liberation of Palestine.

Islamic Jihad congratulate Hamas on its 25th anniversary
PIC – Islamic Jihad Movement congratulated Hamas movement on its twenty-fifth anniversary, considering that the masses’ participation in this celebration proves the people’s support for the resistance.

Prisoners’ center: Situation in prisons is deteriorating
PIC – The Palestinian prisoners’ center for studies affirmed that the situation in the Israeli prisons has been deteriorating as a result of the prison administrations’ oppressive policies against them.

Abu Marzouk: Hamas leaders visited Gaza without guarantees
PIC – Mousa Abu Marzouk has denied the presence of any Egyptian guarantees ensuring that leaders of Hamas would not be targeted by the Israeli occupation after they enter the Gaza Strip.

Hamas kicks off massive celebration
PIC – Hundreds of thousands crowded Al-Katiba square in Gaza city where a big platform was set up to host Hamas movement’s celebration of its 25th inception anniversary.

Aruri wishes Mishaal would remain leader of Hamas
PIC – Sheikh Saleh Al-Aruri, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, said that he wished Khaled Mishaal would remain the supreme leader of the Hamas Movement.

Int’l delegations in Gaza to mark Hamas’s 25th anniversary
PIC – Delegations from other countries and tens of thousands of Palestinians flocked into the Gaza Strip during the past few days to participate in Hamas‘s 25th anniversary.


Japan Grants PA $12.5 for Projects
WAFA – 8 Dec 2012

Newspapers Review: Meshaal’s Visit to Gaza Focus of Dailies
WAFA – 8 Dec 2012

Settlers Uproot 200 Olive Trees
WAFA – 4 Dec 2012


Egypt’s Morsi leans on uncomfortable alliance with military
LA Times 8 Dec 2012 – The importance of the president’s reliance on the military, a cooperation of onetime rivals, is evident in reports that he is considering reimposing emergency law to counter deepening civil unrest. CAIRO — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi faces legions of enemies, but the military has been…

Khaled Meshal, Hamas Leader, Delivers Defiant Speech at Anniversary Celebration
New York Times 8 Dec 2012Hamas’s political leader vowed to build an Islamic Palestinian state on all the land of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. 

Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War
New York Times 8 Dec 2012 – The United States faces a challenge, as some of the best fighters in uprising that it wants to support belong to a group that it considers a terrorist organization. 

U.N. Rights Chief Cites ‘Disastrous’ Situation in Egypt
New York Times 8 Dec 2012 – Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, expressed alarm on Friday at the rising casualty toll in Egypt’s deepening political turmoil. 

As Egypt’s Crisis Deepens, Morsi Turns to Muslim Brotherhood
New York Times 8 Dec 2012 – President Mohamed Morsi is betting that the Muslim Brotherhood’s political machine can overcome even the re-energized secular opposition. 

Who Killed Mustafa Tamimi? IDF Sgt. Aviram Boniel
Tikun Olam – Mustafa Tamimi’s lifeless body after being shot at point blank range by IDF Sgt. Aviram Boniel Over the past week, an Israeli solidarity committee seeking accountability for the murder of Palestinian activist Mustafa Tamimi, orchestrated a masterful social media campaign .  Each day, they exposed a…

Syria Has No Monopoly on Chemical Weapons
Tikun Olam – Recent news reports claim that western powers, including Israel, may be preparing to intervene in the Syrian civil war.  The justification would be that the Assad regime is either preparing sarin gas (according to some reports) for use against rebel forces or communities or engaging in…

Another ‘NYT’ reporter goes to Gaza and offers condescending anthropological observations on social media
Mondoweiss – It hasn’t been a month since a New York Times reporter in Gaza got in hot water for condescending comments on local culture, when Steven Erlanger, of the Times Paris bureau, formerly the Jerusalem bureau chief, shows up and has some anthropological insights to convey on…

Meshaal arrives in Palestine, calls for unification
Mondoweiss – Khaled Meshaal and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyyeh Gaza, Palestine December 7, 2012 (photographer unknown via Haniyyeh’s twitter feed)   Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal received a hero’s welcome as he arrived in Gaza for the first time yesterday , ending 45 years of exile from Palestinian…

Merkel squirms during Netanyahu’s love song to ‘special relationship’
Mondoweiss – I stumbled across this little gem of a video last night. Merkel’s expression is priceless, as Netanyahu offers this lovesong: I want to thank you for your warm reception to me… I know and I heard it again yesterday an today how important to you is…

Four Pacific island nations dodge questions on their UN opposition to Palestine
Mondoweiss – link to www.aljazeera.com link to www.aljazeera.com link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.dailystar.com.lb link to www.maannews.net link to palsolidarity.org link towww.aljazeera.com link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link towww.haaretz.com link to english.pnn.ps link to www.haaretz.com link…

Joseph and Mary can’t make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy’s Christmas card
Mondoweiss – Banksy Christmas card ARTINFO.com Yesterday an image that is purportedly British street artist Banksy ’s Christmas card this year started making the rounds on Twitter . The artwork in question is, in many ways, a conventional Biblical landscape painting, which shows what are presumably the figures of…

Meshaal Vows To Never Recognize Israel 
The Foward Breaking News 8 Dec 2012Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, making his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip, vowed on Saturday never to recognise Israel and said his Islamist group would never abandon its claim to all Israeli territory. Click here for the rest of the article…

Egypt’s president annuls decree 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has annulled a decree that gave him expanded powers but a constitutional referendum will go ahead, officials say.

Hamas’s Meshaal rallies Gazans 
BBC 8 Dec 2012Hamas‘s political leader Khaled Meshaal tells thousands in Gaza marking the group’s 25th anniversary that Hamas will not recognise Israel.

UK alert on Syrian chemical arms 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK and the US have seen evidence that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons.

Kidnapped Waite returns to Beirut 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – Kidnap victim Terry Waite returns to Lebanon, 25 years after he was captured by Hezbollah militants, to ask for aid for Syria’s Christian refugees.

Mohamed Khodr: US and Israel Faced The Greatest Slap Heard Around the World 
Sabbah report 8 Dec 2012 – 95% of the entire world rebuked and expressed their long held anger against U.S. and Israel. The world is slowly finding its voice, its courage, its humanitarian conscience to tell Israel and the U.S.: “Enough is Enough” of your murderous atrocities, ethnic cleansing, and theft and…

Cop Out in Doha 
Al-Akhbar Opinion 8 Dec 2012 – Local and international activists march inside a conference center to demand urgent action to address climate change at the UN climate talks in Doha, on 7 December 2012. (Photo: AFP – KarimJaafar) Local and international activists march inside a conference center to demand urgent action to…

The Okab Sakr Show: A Lesson in Hysteria 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – He did manage everything else: dancing, insulting, dissembling, and twisting the arm of the truth. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) He did manage everything else: dancing, insulting, dissembling, and twisting the arm of the truth. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) “We’re going to keep on laughing for another ten years…or…

If You Want to Know the Truth about the Recordings… 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – There is no doubt that the recording which Sakr said he filed in court is a copy. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) There is no doubt that the recording which Sakr said he filed in court is a copy. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) Lebanese Future Movement MP Okab Sakr…

Sakr’s Flimsy, ‘Not-So-Smart’ Fabrications 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – His press conference lexicon was rich in expletives and insults, but all this impudence served only as a smokescreen to mask his lies. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) His press conference lexicon was rich in expletives and insults, but all this impudence served only as a smokescreen to…

Hamas celebrates 25th anniversary, despite Israeli threats 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – Supporters of Hamas gather during a rally to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Islamist movement, in Gaza on 8 December 2012.(Photo: AFP – Mahmud Hams) Hamas celebrated the 25th anniversary of its creation Saturday, as hundreds of thousands gathered in Gaza City…

Gulf must quash dissent: Saudi prince 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – A senior Saudi official says Gulf Arab states must quash any Arab Spring-inspired unrest or risk threats to their leadership across the oil-rich region. The comments by Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Saudi deputy foreign minister, echo calls by Gulf authorities to widen crackdowns on…

Army, Muslim Brotherhood denounce violence in Egypt 
Al-Akhbar News 8 Dec 2012 – A sticker against Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi reading “Leave” is seen next to stones on the ground near the presidential palace in Cairo on 8 December 2012. (Photo: AFP – Gianluigi Guercia) The Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood have called for non-violent dialogue on Saturday,…

On Syria’s Coast, Olive Trees a Reminder of War 
Al-Akhbar Series and Features 7 Dec 2012 – A Syrian woman with the colours of the national flag painted on her face with the Arabic word “We love you” in Damascus on 15 March 2012. (Photo: Louai Beshara) A Syrian woman with the colours of the national flag painted on her face with the…

Egypt: Who Sent the Muslim Brothers to the Street? 
Al-Akhbar Politics 7 Dec 2012 – Tens of thousands of protesters gather in Egypt‘s landmark Tahrir square against a decree by President Mohamed Morsi granting himself broad powers that shield his decisions from judicial review on 30 November 2012 in Cairo. (Photo: AFP – Gianluigi Guercia) Tens of thousands of protesters gather…

Egypt’s president annuls decree 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has annulled a decree that gave him expanded powers but a constitutional referendum will go ahead, officials say.

Hamas’s Meshaal rallies Gazans 
BBC 8 Dec 2012Hamas‘s political leader Khaled Meshaal tells thousands in Gaza marking the group’s 25th anniversary that Hamas will not recognise Israel.

UK alert on Syrian chemical arms 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK and the US have seen evidence that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons.

Kidnapped Waite returns to Beirut 
BBC 8 Dec 2012 – Kidnap victim Terry Waite returns to Lebanon, 25 years after he was captured by Hezbollah militants, to ask for aid for Syria’s Christian refugees.


Israel’s Doomsday E-1 Settlement 
Nicola Nasser, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 12/5/2012
      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has definitely crossed an international red line to vindicate a swift and firm rejection from Israel’s closest allies when he announced plans recently to build a new settlement on a corridor of occupied Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, which will render any prospective Palestinian contiguous state territorially impossible. Daniel Seidemann, the Israeli founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem, has condemned it as “the doomsday settlement” and “not a routine” one.
     Netanyahu risks a diplomatic confrontation that will not develop into a diplomatic isolation of Israel because Israel’s allies have decided to pressure him to backtrack by “incentives and disincentives” instead of “sanctions,” in the words of the British Foreign Secretary William Hague.
     Summoning Israeli ambassadors to protest Netanyahu’s plans by Australia, Brazil, France, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Spain was nonetheless an unusual international outcry because “if implemented,” his “plans would alter the situation, with Jerusalem as a shared capital increasingly difficult to achieve,” according to William Hague, thus “seriously undermining the two – state solution” of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict according to the French foreign ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot, which is a “solution without which there will never be security in Israel,” according to the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr.
     The international outcry is not against the Israeli policy of settlements on Palestinian occupied land per se, but against this one particular E-1 settlement, which was Netanyahu’s answer to the overwhelming recent recognition of Palestine as a non-member state by the UN General Assembly. more.. e-mail

One Voice in Gaza: normalization at its best! 
The One Democratic State Group, International Solidarity Movement 12/6/2012
      It has come to our knowledge that One Voice, “an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution” has started recruiting youth from The Gaza Strip. This is supposed to be part of its work “to forge consensus for conflict resolution and build a human infrastructure capable of mobilizing the people toward a negotiated, comprehensive and permanent agreement between Israel and Palestine that ends the occupation, ensures security and peace for both sides…” The movement recognizes that violence by either side will never be a means to end the conflict. (emphasis added). In its new Gaza initiative, One Voice “planned an intensive 36-hour training program in leadership skills and teamwork.”
     The Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic boycott of Israel, like Palestinian Youth Against Normalization, considers One Voice a normalizing organization since it ignores the reality which is Israel’s oppression and systematic discrimination against the Palestinian people in its three components: 1948, 1967, and the Diaspora. OV, amongst other organizations, targets Palestinian youth to engage them in dialogue with Israelis without recognizing the inalienable rights of Palestinians, or aiming to end Israel’s occupation, colonization, and apartheid.
     We reiterate our commitment to the statement issued by Palestinian youth against normalization which was endorsed by almost all Palestinian youth and student organizations.
     We consider One Voice to be an organization that aims to normalize apartheid and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that took place in 1948. One Voice Movement’s vision is based on a “two-state solution”, without any commitment to international parameters — which assumes equal responsibility of “both sides” for the “conflict”, and suspiciously fails to call for Israel’s full compliance with its obligations under international law through ending its illegal military occupation, its denial of Palestinian refugee rights (particularly the right of return), and its system of racial discrimination against its own Palestinian citizens. — See also: The One Democratic State Group more.. e-mail

Palestine’s new status: Rerun of history or new strategy? 
Ramzy Baroud, Ma’an News Agency 12/7/2012
      Palestine has become a “non-member state” at the United Nations as of Thursday Nov. 29, 2012. The draft of the UN resolution beckoning what many perceive as a historic moment passed with an overwhelming majority of General Assembly members: 138 votes in favor, nine against and 41 abstentions.
     It was accompanied by a passionate speech delivered by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. But decades earlier, a more impressive and animated Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat sought international solidarity as well. The occasion then was also termed ‘historic’.
     Empowered by Arab support at the Rabat Arab League summit in October 1974, which bestowed on the Palestine Liberation Organization, the ever-opaque title “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”, Arafat was invited to speak at the UN General Assembly.
     Despite the fervor that accompanied the newly found global solidarity, Arafat’s language singled a departure from what was perceived by Western powers as radical and unrealistic political and territorial ambitions.
     In his speech on November 13, Arafat spoke of the growing PLO’s legitimacy that compelled his actions: “The PLO has earned its legitimacy because of the sacrifice inherent in its pioneering role and also because of its dedicated leadership of the struggle.
     “It has also been granted this legitimacy by the Palestinian masses … The PLO has also gained its legitimacy by representing every faction, union or group as well as every Palestinian talent, either in the National Council or in people’s institutions.”
     The list went on, and, despite some reservations, each had a reasonable degree of merit. more.. e-mail

Did Israel fire chemical weapons on Gaza last month? 
Rami Almeghari, Gaza Strip, Electronic Intifada 12/5/2012
      Hassan Doghmosh suffers severe burns after his Gaza City neighborhood was bombed last month. (Anne Paq / ActiveStills) Severe burns cover the face and neck of Hassan Doghmosh. Israel’s latest attack on Gaza may have ended but Doghmosh is still suffering its effects.
     Doghmosh, 40, was injured when his home in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City was bombed during Israel’s eight-day offensive. With Gaza’s medical facilities overstretched, he was initially treated in Egypt. He is now in the intensive care unit of al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital.
     “There is shrapnel all over his body,” Mohammad Khail, a staff nurse in the hospital, said. “One piece of shrapnel cut an artery in his neck, causing a lot of bleeding. Also, the upper part of his left eye was hurt, causing his eyes to close completely. And he has bad wounds to his chest and abdomen.”
     Six-year-old Mohammad Abu Zour lies on another bed in the intensive care unit. According to medical staff, the little boy suffered a fractured skull. His family’s home in the al-Zaytoun area of Gaza City was hit by Israeli shells three days before a ceasefire was announced.
     Meanwhile, Khail explained how another patient, five-year-old Nesma Qalaja, suffered a wound to her heart that has prevented her blood from flowing normally. She and Mohammad are among the 450 children to have been injured during the eight days of attacks. More than 30 other children were killed.
     According to the Gaza health ministry, Operation Pillar of Cloud — as Israel called its offensive — killed 183 persons…. more..e-mail

nicer things, Gaza
In Gaza: 8 Dec 2012 – I go interviewing homes and shops near the repeatedly bombed Saraya complex in Gaza City and the Abu Khadara ministry complex virtually across Omar Mukthar street. The first home i enter is extravagant by the standards of most in Gaza (80% of 1.7 million are food aid dependent and, needless to say, live in barebones accomodations). Rich wood and tasteful carvings and art from around the world, an inset wood fireplace, nice furniture, nice rugs, nice everything. But although not among Gaza’s poor, the family has suffered from repeated Israeli bombings of the Saraya complex less than 20 metres across the road. Every time (three times now in the 4.5 years they’ve lived there) Israel bombs the Saraya, windows and glass shatter, window frames warm, plaster cracks, fixtures loosen, and this time the door blew out. Replaceable, not the end of the world, but also not something anyone deserves, let…more

The Difference the PLO Made
Dissident Voice: 8 Dec 2012 – April 1975. University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. A friend and I sat at a literature table in front of the Student Union building. It was lunchtime and we were putting in our hours talking with people about the issues of the day. University cutbacks were the primary topic of conversation, but some folks who stopped by seemed more interested in the unfolding final scene of the US war in Southeast Asia. The final offensive of the national liberation forces was underway in Vietnam. Lon Nol’s regime had just fallen. The forces of US imperialism were on the run. Things were heating up in Lebanon between leftist forces supported by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and various Maronites eventually identified with the right wing Phalangist militia. The literature on our table covered most of these issues. Nonetheless, we were still somewhat surprised when four guys walked up to the table,…more

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