ICH 31 May 2013: Western States Pouring Fuel on The Syrian Crisi

31 May 2013 — Information Clearing House

“Rebels” Don’t Want Peace

Syria’s Opposition Won’t Attend International Peace Talks

NBC – Video

The best hope yet for ending Syria’s civil war has suffered a serious setback. The main opposition group said it would not take part in talks in Geneva in the coming weeks.



Hezbollah, the Battle at Al-Qseir and the Recent Israeli Airstrike

President Bashar Al-Assad full interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV

Video and Transcript

Israel’s support of the terrorists was for two purposes. The first is to stifle the resistance; the second is to strike the Syrian air defense systems.



Western States Pouring Fuel on The Syrian Crisis

By Finian Cunningham

It should be patently obvious that the murderous rampage against Syrian civilians that is entering its third year could not be sustained if it were not for the relentless Western government and media support.



How We Lost The Syrian Revolution

By Edward Dark

Where did we go wrong? How did a once inspirational and noble popular uprising calling for freedom and basic human rights degenerate into an orgy of bloodthirsty sectarian violence, with depravity unfit for even animals.



Syrian Rebels Massacre Christian Village

By James Heiser

McCain’s and Obama’s purported “right people” are busy massacring Christians – and others – in an “overtly sectarian” war conducted by foreign mercenaries and religious fanatics.



John McCain: War Hero Or War Criminal?

By Philip Giraldi

John McCain was awarded an astonishing Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his 22 missions spent bombing mostly civilian targets in North Vietnam.



John Kerry’s Political Posturing on Palestine

By Robert Fantina

No negotiations can exist between Israel and Palestine. For Mr. Kerry to suggest that they can demonstrates either his ignorance or his firm conviction in the stupidity of the world community.



Israel’s Fraying Image and Its Implications

By Chas W. Freeman

Israel is now known around the world for its periodic maiming and slaughter of Lebanese and Gazan civilians, its blatant racial and religious bigotry, the zealotry and scofflaw behavior of its settlers, its theology of ethnic cleansing, and its exclusionary religious dogmatism.



Manipulating Public Perceptions

Poll Shows Public at Odds With Reality of Iraq War

By Alex Thomson

Two-thirds (66 per cent) of the public estimate that 20,000 or fewer civilians and combatants have died as a consequence of the war in Iraq since 2003. Half (53 per cent) of women think 5,000 or fewer deaths have occurred since the invasion compared to one-third (35 per cent) of men.



Bush Administration Convicted of War Crimes


Bush is now a convicted war criminal who dares not travel abroad out of fear of being arrested.



Father Of Unarmed Chechen Man Killed By FBI Claims His Son Was Executed

By Doug Stanglin

“We have confirmed through senior sources within the FBI that Ibragim was indeed unarmed when he was shot seven times in the head, what appear to be even in the back of the head,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director of the CAIR Florida. “That’s very disturbing.”



The Social Cost Of Capitalism

By Paul Craig Roberts

In 1971 foreign companies owned 1.3% of all corporate US assets. By 2008 foreigners owned 14.2 percent of all US industries, including 21.5% of mining, 25% of manufacturing, 30.2% of wholesale trade.



Ireland and the Basque Country

Massive Flight (Emigration) or General Strike?

By James Petras

Billions of Euros are being extracted from Europe’s vassal-debtor nations – Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland -and transferred to the creditor banks, financial speculators and swindlers located in the City of London, Wall Street, Geneva and Frankfort.



38 “Taliban fighters” killed in Afghan clashes: Report:

Lotfullah Kamran told dpa that about 1 000 Taliban attacked three villages in Andar, one of the most dangerous districts in Ghazni province.



At least 20 people killed in latest wave of bombings:

At least 20 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a series of bombings in Iraq.



30 killed in new wave of bombings:

The attacks came hours after bomb blasts tore through two Baghdad neighborhoods on Wednesday evening, killing at least 30 people.



20 “militants” killed in Pakistan:

At least 20 militants were killed in a clash with security forces Friday in a tribal area in northwest Pakistan on Friday, state-run radio reported.



Bush- Blair Legacy Of Death Continues As

Iraq sees deadliest month in 5 years:

More than 500 people were killed in Iraq in May, about 120 of them since May 27 alone, making it the deadliest month since June 2008, according to the United Nations.



Six Afghan civilians killed, 12 injured in US-led air strike:

Afghan security sources said four women and a child were among those killed. More than twelve others were reportedly injured. The US-led NATO forces targeted on Thursday an area in northeastern Kapisa Province.



More than 140 were killed in Syria Thursday: Pro-rebel activists say:

The dead include: 57 civilians, 54 rebel fighters, 1 YPG fighter, 3 defected officers, 5 non-Syrian rebel fighters and at least 24 regular soldiers.



Rebel reinforcements arrive in Qusair:

Dozens of fighters have arrived to reinforce rebel units battling to hold off a Syrian government and Hezbollah assault on the key town of Qusair. – But the arrival does contradict state media reports the town is surrounded.



Syrian rebels call for urgent medical and military aid for Qusair: Video –

They claim they are unable to evacuate 700 wounded people as they are under persistent attack from Syrian government forces backed by Hezbollah fighters.



Assad begins to gain upper hand in Syrian civil war:

On the battlefield and in the corridors of diplomacy, the civil war in Syria has begun to swing the way of President Bashar Assad.



Michigan Woman Killed Fighting Alongside Syrian Al Qaeda Rebels:

CNN reports that forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad found maps, weapons, and the Al Nusra Front flag on the dead westerners.



Family confirms: Flint woman, 33, killed by Syrian government forces:

A 33-year-old Flint woman who converted to Islam after meeting an Arab immigrant was killed in Syria while fighting for opposition forces, family members told the Free Press tonight.



How Libyan Weapons and Know-How Reach Syrian “Rebel” Fighters:

The reason for this night’s meeting, was to help the Libyans figure out how to get some of Libya’s vast and loose stockpiles of machine guns, artillery, ammunition and antiaircraft systems from supplies donated to the Libyan rebels by the oil-rich Gulf nation of Qatar – to Assad’s opponents.



U.S. Weapon Makes a Surprise Reappearance in Syria: Video –

M40s somehow came into the hands of rebels in Libya and Syria. Suddenly, the 106mm – light, cheap, easily transportable, simple to operate, and packing a punch all out of proportion to its modest size – has emerged as a possible Great Asymmetric Weapon of the Day.



McCain crosses paths with rebel kidnapper:

U.S. Senator John McCain was photographed with a known affiliate of the rebel group responsible for the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims one year ago, during a brief and highly publicized visit inside Syria this week.



FSA Merges with Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo: Video – :

Three militant groups, Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army are seen represented by commanders, are seen announcing a merger.



Russia may revise ban on Syrian arms exports – Minister:

Russia is disappointed with the EU move to end the ban on arms sales to the Syrian opposition and may reconsider its own commitments to restrictions on weapons deliveries to the war-torn country, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday.



Netanyahu indicated to Putin: ‘We’ll destroy your missiles if you deliver them to Assad’:

Putin reportedly guaranteed that Assad wouldn’t transfer the S-300s to a third party, such as Hezbollah, and that should Israel strike such an arms convoy, Russia didn’t believe Syria would retaliate. Despite this, Netanyahu reportedly made clear that Israel was concerned over the deal in and of itself.



Russia to Sell at Least 10 MiG Fighters to Syria:

Russia’s MiG aircraft maker said Friday it plans to sign a new agreement to ship at least 10 fighter jets to Syria, a move that comes amid international criticism of earlier Russian weapons deals with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.



Syria’s opposition won’t attend international peace talks:

The best hope yet for ending Syria’s civil war has suffered a serious setback



Syria’s Bashar Assad says a peace pact would face a referendum:

Syrian President Bashar Assad says voters would have the ultimate say on any peace deal arising from talks sponsored by the U.S. and Russia.



U.N. investigators say most Syria rebels not seeking democracy:

Most Syrian rebel fighters do not want democracy and the country’s civil war is producing ever worse atrocities and increasing radicalization, independent U.N. investigators said on Tuesday.



Turkey returns fire after troops shot at from Syria:

The troops returned fire after three to five gunmen shot between 15 and 20 rounds at the vehicle patrolling a stretch of the shared border in Turkey’s southern Hatay province on Wednesday



Turkey arrests 12 in raids on Syrian ‘terrorist’ organization planning chemical attack:

Turkish newspapers had reported that 12 people from Syria’s al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front who allegedly had been planning an attack inside Turkey and were in possession of 2 kg (4.5 pounds) of sarin, had been detained in Adana.



Turkish police ‘arrest 12 (Al-Nusra Front) terror suspects’ in raids:

Adana provincial governor Huseyin Avni Cos did say that unknown chemicals had been found and were being investigated.



Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad: We now have Russia’s advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles:

The announcement, reportedly made by president Bashar al-Assad to Lebanon’s Hezbollah-owned television station, will further ramp up tensions in the region and could undermine efforts to hold UN peace talks in the region.



Israeli defense chief indicates if Russia ships advanced missiles to Syria, they could be hit:

Israel’s defense chief said Tuesday a Russian plan to supply sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Syria was a “threat” and signaled that Israel is prepared to use force to stop the delivery.



Assad: Syria will strike back at any future Israeli attack:

President Bashar Assad has said that Syria “will respond in kind” to any future Israeli airstrike on its territory and expressed confidence in the victory over the foes of the Syrian state, RIA Novosti reported.



Kerry: Russia’s plans to send S-300 missiles to Assad put Israel at risk:

U.S. Secretary of State and his German counterpart warn Russia against sending Assad regime sophisticated air defense system, say this would harm Syria peace efforts.



Iran cuts Hamas funding for failing to show support for Assad: Report:

Hamas has denied that it is in financial crisis but says it faces liquidity problems stemming from inconsistent revenues from tax collection in the Gaza Strip and foreign aid.



Israel OK’s 300 new illegal settler units:

Housing Ministry spokesman Ariel Rosenberg said on Thursday that the new units will be built in Ramot neighborhood, which lies in the territory Israeli occupied in 1967.



Libya becomes ‘the new Mali’ as Islamists shift in Sahara:

Security officials say lawless southern Libya has become the latest haven for al Qaeda-linked fighters after French-led forces drove them from strongholds in northern Mali this year, killing hundreds.



UN expert demands freeze on robot weapons:

The international community must impose a moratorium on robot weapons, a UN expert told the world body’s top human rights forum Thursday, warning that they could enable war crimes to go unpunished.



Retired Gen. David Petraeus Heads To Wall Street: :

Retired Gen. David Petraeus is headed to Wall Street where he will join Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a firm that invests globally in everything from real estate to coffee to biotech.



Guantánamo Bay hunger strike worsens:

On the eve of Obama’s address, there were 103 prisoners on hunger strike, with 31 being force-fed by military authorities and one in hospital. Since then, not a single prisoner has stopped their strike, and now 36 of the detainees are being force-fed to keep them alive, with five of them being hospitalised.



The Inside Story Of The Hunger Strike And Force-Feeding At Guantanamo:

The international community, including the United Nations, unanimously agree that the Conventions are being violated daily in Guantanamo.”



Guantánamo Bay hunger strikers demand new doctors in letter of protest:

 Force-fed detainees tell military doctors ‘dual loyalties make trusting you impossible’ and insist upon independent treatment



Guantanamo guard converts to Islam, demands release of detainees :

Terry Holdbrooks was deployed to the Guantanamo Bay detention center to guard detainees. The Phoenix, Ariz., resident has become a devout Muslim and an unlikely advocate for the prisoners’ rights.



Ecuador says UK violating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s ‘human rights’:

“What greater affront to human rights is there than to have a person unable to leave an embassy, when the state concerned has granted him political asylum?” Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said in a radio interview.



Student Activist, Says She Was Violated During TSA Pat-Down (VIDEO)

A 27-year-old Ph.D. student says a TSA agent touched her vaginal area during a pat-down at a California airport; however, a representative told The Huffington Post the agents followed procedure.



Euro zone unemployment hits record high – again:

Eurostat figures found that an additional 95,000 people lost their jobs – bringing the total of unemployed Europeans to a painful 19.38 million, on track to pass 20 million this year.



Germany fears revolution if Europe scraps welfare model: –

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Tuesday that failure to win the battle against youth unemployment could tear Europe apart, and dropping the continent’s welfare model in favor of tougher U.S. standards would spark a revolution.



Wisconsin proposal would reduce benefits to unemployed:

Benefits paid to unemployed people in Wisconsin would be more difficult to receive, thereby saving the state $37 million over the next two years, under an expansive Republican-backed plan approved Wednesday by the Legislature’s budget committee.



Richest 20 percent get half the overall savings from U.S. tax breaks, CBO says:

The richest 1 percent of households, those with at least $327,000 in annual income, get an especially big haul – about 17 percent of the total savings, according to the report by the Congressional Budget Office.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,317


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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