Hizbullah: Qusayr’s Achievement a Severe Blow to American-Israeli-Takfiri Scheme

5 June 2013 — Naharnet

Hizbullah stated on Wednesday that the party’s “achievement” in the Syrian border town of al-Qusayr dealt a “severe blow to the American-Israeli-Takfiri scheme.”

“The withdrawal of the opposition’s fighters from al-Qusayr is a knockdown to the scheme of the United States, Israel and the Takfiris,” the party’s deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem expressed after a meeting with Syrian Social National Party Vice President Toufiq Mhanna.

He added: “The battle today has one goal only which is to face Israel and those serving its interest. Hizbullah’s stances are based on this.”

“Today it has been proven that betting on the fall of a Syria that supports the resistance is a delusion and a failure, so is choosing political stances based on the achievements of the American-Israeli scheme.”

Qassem reiterated calls for finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, rejecting international powers’ “attempts to take over lands in the Arab world and support Israel.”

“The region’s people have set their minds on recovering their lands and their rights,” he assured.

Syria’s rebels conceded on Tuesday they had lost the battle for the strategic town of Qusayr but vowed to fight “thousands of Lebanese mercenaries” after the army seized total control of it and the surrounding region.

The main opposition National Coalition shrugged off the defeat, declaring the “revolution will continue”.

Tuesday’s development comes after the military support of Hizbullah has helped Syrian regime forces gain the upper hand in the battle for control of Qusayr, where an army assault began last month, amid a Lebanese, regional and international outcry.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah had previously justified the group’s involvement in Syria by saying they were defending Lebanese-inhabited border villages inside Syria and Shiite holy sites.

But during a May 25 speech marking the 13th anniversary of Israel’s military withdrawal from Lebanon, Nasrallah said the Takfiris are the “most prevailing group in the Syrian opposition,” warning against a defeat against them in the ongoing war in Syria.

He said: “If Syria falls in the hands of the Takfiris and the United States, the resistance will become under a siege and Israel will enter Lebanon. If Syria falls, the Palestinian cause will be lost.”

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