Venezuela Election Info

31 July 2017 — VSC

VSC have issued the following information on the election that took place yesterday, 30 July 2017 on revising the country’s constitution:

Venezuela’s Consituent Assembly Elections
JULY 31 2017

Commenting on Sunday’s elections for a Constituent Assembly, which have been widely misrepresented across the media, VSC Secretary Dr. Francisco Dominguez said:

“On Sunday over 8 million Venezuelans, representing a turnout of 41.5%, participated in elections for a Constituent Assembly to revise the constitution, and provide an elected mechanism to help resolve the country’s current difficulties.
This impressive turnout was despite many sections of the country’s right-wing opposition deciding to boycott the vote, and some even calling violent protests on the day with the explicit aim of derailing the elections. Venezuela’s Public Ministry has announced that it will open a probe into the deaths reported as a result of these violent protests.
This is the 20th election or referendum that has taken place in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez was elected President in 1998.
It is becoming clearer by the day that Venezuela’s current difficulties are best resolved by dialogue and that the majority of Venezuelans believe this and reject violence as a way to achieve political aims.
Hostile external intervention – such as the US imposing more sanctions – will exacerbate the country’s problems, not facilitate such a dialogue.
We reject external intervention aimed at ‘regime change’ in the country and call on governments internationally to support dialogue as a way to peacefully address the problems the nation faces.”

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