Stop the Destruction of the NHS!

15 November 2017 — 38 Degrees

It’s worse than we thought. 38 Degrees’ damning report into the NHS, funded by thousands of us, has revealed 70 frontline services have been threatened with closure.And that’s in the last 4 months alone. [1] A&E departments, maternity units and GP surgeries are all facing the axe.

The report paints a stark picture of what happens when the NHS is starved of money. Now, we need to convince Chancellor Philip Hammond to give it the funding it needs in the budget next week. [2] The best way to put pressure on him is through our MPs.

Will you sign an open letter to your MP Kate Hoey asking them to speak to Philip Hammond and demand more money for the NHS? SIGN THE OPEN LETTER

NHS walk-in centres are closing. Maternity units are turning away women in labour. Towns are losing their A&E departments, forcing people to travel for miles to get the care they desperately need. [3] As 38 Degrees members, we know the terrible reality facing our NHS because it’s been starved of money for years.

Now this hard-hitting report reveals the latest raft of services threatened with closure in the last 4 months. It includes:

  • A&E departments in Dorset, Huddersfield, London, Grantham, Hull and Dewsbury.
  • 7 mental health services across England.
  • The only NHS walk-in centre in the whole of Lincolnshire.

Looked at one-by-one these cuts to frontline services might be easy for politicians to brush off. But this report, funded by thousands of 38 Degrees members, lifts the lid on the crisis facing the NHS across the country. With all the evidence right there in one place, it’s impossible to ignore.

Philip Hammond will announce his plan for the country’s budget next week.If our MPs start pressuring him at every chance they get, it could convince him to give the NHS the money it desperately needs.

MPs like Kate Hoey will only speak to Philip Hammond if they know their constituents expect them to. So William, will you sign the open letter to your MP now?


Thanks for being involved,

Trish, Cathy, Holly, Blanche, Sarah and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The analysis is based on local and national media reporting of confirmed or planned NHS closures or downgrading between June and October 2017.Some of these plans will now have been abandoned, often due to campaigns led by 38 Degrees members. This analysis demonstrates the tough decisions that NHS leaders across the country are being forced to consider across the country.

You can read the full report here:

PPS: Do you think we’ve missed an NHS frontline service that’s under threat? Let us know by sending an email to

[1] 38 Degrees: The state of the NHS: rationing and closures as cuts bite:
[2] Sky News: Chancellor Philip Hammond reveals date of first autumn Budget:
Right now, Philip Hammond’s facing some hard decisions about how to allocate government money for the next year:
BBC: Budget: Hammond faces spending dilemma, says IFS:
[3] NHS services are at risk all over the country, with services being closed everyday. Here are a few examples:
The I: Revealed: the NHS plan to close, consolidate, or ‘reshape’ 11 maternity units:
The Guardian: NHS maternity wards in England forced to close 382 times last year:

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