Gaza Slaughter News Links 14-15 May 2018: 58 Dead and Nobody Gives a Shit!

15 May 2018 —

Tension in Gaza as Palestinians begin to bury 58 dead

My March of Return

Challenging the ongoing dispossession and displacement of the Palestinian people on the 70th commemoration of the Nakba

1918, 1948, 2018: World War I, the Nakba, and the rise of ethnic nationalism

Fighting Nakba denial

Gaza protests – LIVE: Israeli ambassador expelled from Turkey ‘for some time’ amid calls for probe into killing of 58 Palestinians

Gaza protests: All the latest updates

Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital ‘on brink of collapse’ as injuries mount

Gaza protests: UK calls for UN probe into deadly Israeli live fire against Palestinians, but fails to blame Trump

The headline on Gaza that will shame the BBC for as long as it exists

Urgent Question on violence at the Gaza border: 15 May 2018

Nakba day: Palestinians prepare for more Gaza protests as Israel faces international condemnation over border violence

Kremlin concerned over situation in Gaza

US ‘blocks UN motion’ calling for investigation into Israeli killing of Gaza protesters

Gaza killings: New Yorkers call for justice in Nakba protest

Palestinians protest opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

Gaza protests: Eight-month-old Palestinian baby ‘dies from tear gas inhalation’ after ‘massacre’ at border

Nakba 70 years on: Refugees remember lost homeland

News Daily: More Gaza clashes expected, and royal wedding doubts

Mass murder in Gaza

The Papers: ‘Bloodbath’ in Gaza and Meghan’s father

My Home is Beit Daras: Our Lingering Nakba

South Africa:Govt Withdraws Ambassador From Israel Over Gaza Violence

Confronting Anti-Palestinianism in Canada’s NDP

Israel kills 58 Palestinian protesters during deadliest day in Gaza in four years

“Horrific, unprecedented”: Israel massacres almost 60 Palestinians in Gaza

14 May 2018

Gaza’s deadliest day of violence in years

Gaza: 41 Civilians Killed; 1500 Civilians Wounded inc. Dozens of Women and Children; 8 Journalists & 4 Paramedics

World leaders react to US embassy relocation to Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, an embassy opens. In Gaza, at least 58 die on bloodiest day in years

Turkish President accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ after Palestinian deaths on Gaza border

‘If Not Now’ blocks traffic outside Trump DC hotel to protest embassy move

Norman Finkelstein: Israel’s Murderous Assault on Nonviolent Protesters in Gaza + Israeli Forces Kill 55 as Palestinians Protest US Embassy Opening (updated)

Palestinian protesters: ‘Jerusalem is not Trump’s city to give’

Where does the Middle East conflict go from here?

Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians ‘Nazis’

‘Gaza, Gaza’ is chant from Palestinians demonstrating near new US embassy

Here’s the grotesque tweet Israel’s army sent out as it shot down Palestinians

Israel Bans Entry of Palestinian Medical Delegation into Gaza. Crime against Humanity

Israel marks 70th anniversary amid war crimes and deepening social crisis

US embassy opens in Jerusalem amid lockdown

Israeli attacks continue as at least 52 Palestinian protesters are killed

Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed on deadliest day since 2014

Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza ‘massacre’

US and Israeli Ziofascists Partner in State Terror Against Palestinians

Trump says he is committed to Middle East peace deal as deadly Gaza protests break out over US embassy in Jerusalem

Ongoing Massacre in Gaza!

Killing Gaza

Israel Repurposes Nakba Myths to Justify Today’s Massacre in Gaza

Finkelstein: Where’s the Solidarity for Gaza? (2/3)

An open letter from a Palestinian refugee to an ex-Irgun terrorist on the 70th year of the Nakba

Here are the questions any journalist talking to the Israeli military should ask

As Israel massacres more Gazans, ‘NY Times’ continues its distorted coverage — with one honorable exception

In Palestine: self-dehumanisation against the disregard of human value

Dublin mayor urges Eurovision boycott as Israel commits another massacre

Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem

Israel repurposes Nakba myths to justify massacre in Gaza

Israeli Forces Escalate Their Measures along Eastern and Northern Gaza Strip Borders

Western leaders betrayed Palestinians 70 years ago. There is no sign that’s about to change

Western Leaders Betrayed Palestinians 70 Years Ago; there is no sign that’s about to change

Israel drops leaflets on Gaza warning Palestinians to stay away from border fence ahead of US embassy move protests

On the 70th anniversary of the Nakba: reflections of a Palestinian refugee

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