COLDTYPE Issue 186 MID-JUNE 2019 – is now on line

10 June 2019 — Coldtype

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Our new issue is packed with compelling, insightful journalism, beginning with a cover story reminds us of the hypocrisy of national leaders who are quick to praise the ‘sacrifice’ of fallen ‘warriors’, but ignore the damaged survivors who are left to suffer when they return from foreign wars. In other stories, Kevin Neish recalls his most memorable dinner – sitting at a table in Bethlehem with  a Palestinian family, the barrel of an Israeli tank aimed at his head, Chellis Glendinning writes of a brave woman who defied a nuclear sub, Tony Sutton discusses a book that shows how the world’s biggest fishing town was transformed from prosperity into despair, CJ Hopkins tells how Berlin survived the Great Al Quds Panic of 2019, Nate Robert celebrates Independence Day in a country that doesn’t exist, Danny Sjursen reports on Troika Fever in the Middle East. Plus we’ve got our Insights section, Bryan Adams’ photographs, and more.

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