Iran Newslinks 10-11 June 2019

11 June 2019 • 13:33 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

Russian Iranian strains raise spectre of US-Israeli-Russian deal on Syria

Lavrov cautions against turning Iran’s isolation into military confrontation

Iran Calls For ‘Elimination’ Of Dollar To Stop US ‘Economic Terrorism’

The End of Irony: an Irony Opener

Some Western states want Iran to violate nuclear deal, Lavrov says

US Middle East commander proposes permanent buildup against Iran

Abe’s Mediatory Mission To Tehran Hangs In The Balance

Quebec Movement for Peace disrupts a Speech by Irwin Cotler on “Canada as a Human Rights Leader”

A profile in cowardice: Thomas Friedman and Iran

Why does the Strait of Hormuz matter?

Iran has increased production of enriched uranium – IAEA Top Iranian Diplomat: US Cannot ‘Expect To Stay Safe’

The Most Crucial Pipeline of the Middle East?

Doug Casey on What Happens After the Next War

Trump’s Middle East ‘Deal of the Century’ and his ‘Kosher Quartet’

Trump Is Not Extricating Himself on Iran. He Is Being ‘Dug in’

Iran made no request to purchase Russia’s S-400 systems, says diplomat

Abe’s mediatory mission to Tehran hangs in the balance

More Evidence US Armed Syria Terrorists as Trump Pleads Ceasefire

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