Brexit News Links 13 September 2019

13 September 2019 — The New Dark Age

Legal challenge to Government Brexit strategy due before NI court on Monday

Bercow warns PM against disobeying Brexit law

Scottish Court Rules Suspension of UK Parliament ‘Unlawful’

Brexit: DUP denies report it would accept Irish Sea checks

News Daily: Domestic violence murders surge and Bercow talks Brexit

UK: “Operation Yellowhammer” details savage austerity and confirms plans for state repression post-Brexit

Brexit: Are hedge-funds piling in short bets for no-deal 31st October?

I respectfully disagree: How to argue constructively about Brexit

Freeports: PM Johnson’s “free self storage” for the rich and powerful

Of Paradise Lost and Last Straws

Today’s links 12 September 2019

Brexit: Labour urges Parliament recall after no-deal Brexit papers released

Brexitcast: Michel Barnier says he’ll ‘always’ be watching

Brexit: Vets concerned over animal medicines in no-deal

What does Yellowhammer reveal about no-deal Brexit?

Brexit reveals Corbyn to be the true moderate By Jonathan Cook

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