Venezuela News Links 20 September 2019

20 September 2019 • 21:45 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

Driving to Colombia? New photos show Juan Guaido in car with ‘drug cartel gangster’

Houthi Attack on Saudi Oil Fields – a False Flag?

Today’s Links 20 September 2019

Russia expects to cooperate with China on Syrian recovery

US behind stalemate in Venezuela talks, says diplomat

American Psychopathy

A Bold Movement that Can Avoid a War in Latin America

Inside America’s Meddling Machine: NED, the US-Funded Org Interfering in Elections Around the Globe

Hong Kong is Scared – of the Rioters

The Internal Fractures of the Venezuelan Opposition

Venezuela Oil Production Continues Decline as China Cancels More Shipments

U.S. Sanctions Hit Venezuela’s Diplomatic Corps in Switzerland

US Imposes New Sanctions Targeting Venezuela’s Food Program

Reuters’ Can’t Find US Critics to Question Amazon’s Anti-Venezuela Propaganda

The Imperialist Motives Behind Sanders’ Attacks On Chavismo by Rainer Shea

Stockholm Syndrome: Julian Assange And The Limits Of Guardian Dissent

The True Geopolitical Significance of the Hong Kong Protests

The Trump Administration Is Losing the Narrative Battle Over Iran

Uruguayan defense minister warns of “military conflict in Venezuela”

Stockholm Syndrome – Julian Assange And The Limits Of Guardian Dissent

Russia-Venezuela Air Travel: Latin American Is Not the US’ “Backyard”?

John Bolton was to Trump as Grigori Rasputin was to Tsar Nicholas

Venezuela’s National Productive Alliance: Food Production in Times of War

Venezuela: National Dialogue Table Should Include Broad Popular, Communal and Productive Sectors

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