Combat Footage: Houthis Storm Key Hilltop In Jizan (Saudi Arabia)

21 September 2019 — South Front

On September 20, the Houthis stormed and captured the key al-Suytat hilltop in the southern part of the Saudi province of Jizan.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a video of the operation, showing Houthi fighters attacking the hilltop, which is located east of mount Jahfan. The attack forced Saudi-backed fighters to abandon their positions and withdraw.

In the course of the attack, Houthi fighters killed several Saudi-backed fighters. Other fighters were injured too. Several weapons were also seized by the Houthis.

Such successful cross-border raids, demonstrate the high-experience of Houthi fighters and their better understanding of the rough terrain in southern Saudi Arabia. The Saudi-led coalition has been failing to secure the border with Yemen for more than four years now.

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