Bolivia: Senate Elected a New President – Eva Copa Rada

16 November 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Parliament should, as soon as possible, pass a law to call new elections and appoint members of the national Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), the party of Bolivia’s legitimate president, Evo Morales, managed on Thursday to reconstitute the leadership of both chambers of Parliament, so that both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies are functioning again.

Eva Copa of MAS was elected president of the Senate in a session that reached the legal quorum with the presence of senators from MAS – which has more than two-thirds of the seats – and at least six more from the minority.

This Thursday morning, the Chamber of Deputies did the same by electing as its president Sergio Choque, also of the party of President Morales, who is in exile in Mexico after the coup d’état against him last Sunday.

What’s next?

According to analysts, what should come now is, according to the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the appointment of the president of the Senate elected this Thursday as president of the country instead of the opposition Jeanine Áñez, who proclaimed herself head of state.

However, according to the chronicle made this Thursday by the correspondent of teleSUR in Bolivia, Freddy Morales, the parliamentary majority, the MAS, reached an agreement with the minority that is governing the South American country, whose details will be announced in the next few hours.

New law to call elections

The new president of the Senate, Eva Copa, in her first statements, said that on this “historic” day a consensus could be reached between the ruling party and the opposition “with the sole objective of being able to make the new elections viable as soon as possible, to be able to pacify our country and above all to defend democracy”.

Correspondent Morales said that, based on the parliamentary agreement, what will happen in the immediate future, but still without a date, is the creation of an express law that calls for new elections.

New Electoral Tribunal

Then, the members of the electoral tribunals, both the National Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the departmental tribunals, should be appointed and subject to negotiation.

Last October 20 elections were won by MAS and Morales by more than 10 percentage points over their closest contender, but Morales was the victim of a coup d’état led by the opposition, the police and the Armed Forces, coordinated by the United States.


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