Iran News Links 14-15 January 2020

15 January 2020 • 17:30 — The New Dark Age

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Britain, France and Germany (E3) Trigger JCPOA Dispute Mechanism, a Hostile Action Against Iran

Persian Peril: The Assassination of Qasem Soleimani and the Prospect of War with Iran

‘Huge’: House to Consider Lee- and Khanna-Backed Measures to Stop Trump’s March to War With Iran

Scores Injured as Security Forces Use Unlawful Force to Crush Protests in Iran

Iran/USA: Assassination Aftermath–Is There A Win-Win Way Out?

Video Shows TWO Missiles Bringing Down Iran 737, Second Plane Reported & Iraq And Syria Under Attack

Trump Steps Back From the Edge. Neocons Rage Accordingly

European powers move toward scrapping nuclear accord with Iran

Israel’s Hand in the Soleimani Assassination

Reading Sun Tzu in Tehran

Washington Sells Scrap Metal at a Premium Price Tag

Behind The Scenes Of U.S.-Iran Relations

Iran plane downing: President Rouhani calls on military to explain

Iran’s crowds: What do they tell us in two minutes

Information Clearing House Headlines 13 January 2020

European powers move toward scrapping nuclear treaty with Iran

Kremlin maintains muted response to Suleimani assassination, insists on Iran nuclear deal

Bolsonaro backs Trump in war on Iran, while Workers’ Party appeals to Brazilian military

US workers denounce war threats against Iran

Trump exploits Iran war crisis to incite violence against political opponents

INDRA-2019 Military Exercises and C-400: Russian-Indian Defense Cooperation Strengthens

World War III

Trillions of Dollars in U.S. Military Spending Are Unaccounted-For

Iran’s Rouhani apologizes for delayed plane crash admission

Pompeo discusses situation around Iran with Israel’s prime minister — spokesperson

Japan will try to help ease tensions between US and Iran — defense minister

Decoding of downed Ukraine plane’s black boxes to start on January 20

Iran plane downing: Person who filmed video ‘arrested’

Senior Hamas official: ‘Qasim Soleimani gave us everything Iran has to offer’

UN calls on parties to Iran nuclear deal to take effort to keep it in place

Unintended Consequences: Did Trump Just Give the Middle East to China and Russia?

Today’s Links 14 January 2020

Iran News Links 14 January 2020

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