COLDTYPE Issue 198 Mid-January 2020 – is now online

20 January 2020 — Coldtype

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We lead this issue with a couple of pieces on the current crisis in the Middle East. In our cover story, satirist CJ Hopkins tells why we shouldn’t worry too much about World War III breaking out because we lost that one without noticing, while Caitlin Johnstone reflects on US advice that will help Iran become a ‘normal nation’, Other top stories include Conn Hallinan’s round-up of last year’s most stupid, expensive and idiotic mistakes, Kenneth Surin’s dissection of Australian PM Scott Morrison’s handling of the country’s bushfire catastrophe, and Tom Engelhardt’s stinging commentary on the US military’s stunning inability to actually win a war. We’ve also got Sam Pizzigati on credit cards, Oscar Grenfell on Julian Assange, George Monbiot on bacon-saving, Tony Sutton on revolution, Paul Walsh on a fat man with a typewriter, along with stories on the Olympic games, war profiteering, and vinyl records.

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