COLDTYPE Issue 201 March 2020 – is now online

7 March 2020 — COLDTYPE Issue 201 March 2020

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THE BOYS ARE BACK – 35 years ago Chris Killip photo-graphed the frenetic action at an anarcho-punk nightspot at Gateshead in the North of England. The pictures were forgotten until his son found them more than 30 years later. Now they’re the subject of his new book, The Station – and a special photo essay in this issue. Other features this month include Linh Dinh’s notes from a trip to the Chinese border as the Communist state battles with the Coronavirus, while Michael C Weisenberg tells of America’s post-war love affair with romance comics, Caitlin Johnstone details the Kafkaesque nightmare of Julian Assange’s deportation ‘trial’ before a London magistrate, and Vijay Prashad describes
the hellish life of migrants to Saudi Arabia. In other stories, Sam Pizzigati takes pity on America’s overworked
billionaires, Trevor Hoyle travels along the Road to George Orwell, and Tom Engelhardt delves once again into the strange world of Donald Trump. We’ve also got Jonathan Cook on the UK Labour Party’s leadership race, Chris Baraniuk on Yemen’s deadly ghost ship, and much more compelling reading.

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