Lock Step, This Is No Futuristic Scenario: Panic and the Post-Pandemic Future?

10 March 2020 — Global Research

Every day world mainstream news reports more people in more countries diagnosed “positive” for the coronavirus illness, now called COVID-19. As the reported numbers grow, so does widespread nervousness, often in the form of panic shopping for masks, disinfections, toilet paper, canned goods. We are told to accept the testing results as science-based. While it is next to impossible to get a full picture of what is taking place in China, the center of the novel virus storm, there is a process, being fed by mainstream media accounts and genuine panic in populations unclear what the real dangers are, that has alarming implications for the post-pandemic future.

On Coronavirus, ‘You Have to Combine Economic and Public Health Measures’

10 March 2020 — FAIR


Janine Jackson interviewed EPI’s Josh Bivens about coronavirus and the economy for the March 6, 2020, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

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Janine Jackson: After some breathless and some racist coverage on coronavirus and the respiratory illness COVID-19, US media did get around to acknowledging that, for example, many people can’t follow the critical recommendation to stay home from work if they’re ill. As many as a quarter of US workers don’t have any paid sick days.

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The Violence of ‘Conservation’

3 March 2020 — New Internationalist

By Fiore Longo

Fiore Longo of Survival International argues for an end to big conservation projects that abuse and destroy the very peoples who know how to protect the land.

In a leaked report revealed to The Guardian in February, an investigation by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) found that armed eco-guards, partly-funded by the WWF to protect wildlife in the Republic of Congo, subjected Baka tribespeople to violent abuse and human rights violations.

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Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford 10 March 2020

10 March 2020 — Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Radio for Week of March 9, 2020 

Black Women Lead Fight Against Police Violence in UK / NYC To Celebrate Release of Last Move 9 Prisoner / Teaching bell hooks / Marx’s “Capital” as a Literary Experience

Women Lead Fight Against Police Violence in UK 

Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
One reason Black women are in the forefront of British anti-police violence campaigns, is to counter the capitalist smear that Black families are “not capable of raising children, leading to criminality,” said Adam Elliott-Cooper, an activist and PhD candidate at King’s College, in London. Black women fight back by “articulating their love for family by challenging police violence.” Elliott-Cooper wrote a paper which concluded that every recent campaign to protest the killing of Blacks by British police has been led by a woman.

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Inside the World Uyghur Congress: The US-backed right-wing regime change network seeking the ‘fall of China’

5 March 2020 — The Grayzone

While posing as a grassroots human rights organization, the World Uyghur Congress is a US-funded and directed separatist network that has forged alliances with far-right ethno-nationalist groups.

The goal spelled out by its founders is clear: the destabilization of China and regime change in Beijing.

By Ajit Singh

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Coronavirus would see “collapse” of Gaza health system

9 March 2020 — The Electronic Intidada

Maureen Clare Murphy

A Palestinian man prays outside the shuttered Mosque of Omar in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on 8 March. Abedalrahman Hassan APA images

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, in the occupied West Bank has increased to 25, the World Health Organization reported on Monday.

That figure appears to be inclusive only of the Palestinian population and not the more than 620,000 residents of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

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Which target after Syria? by Thierry Meyssan

10 March 2020 — Voltaire Network

Events in the “Broader Middle East” since 2001 have followed a relentless logic. The current question is whether the time has come for a new war in Turkey or Saudi Arabia. The answer depends in particular on the resumption of hostilities in Libya. It is in this context that the Additional Protocol negotiated by Presidents Erdoğan and Putin to resolve the Idleb crisis must be interpreted.

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If you know anyone who still thinks the White Helmets are “heroes” – show them this 7m video

27 January 2020 — Off Guardian

Vanessa Beeley presents a condensed overview of the evidence for the White Helmets being a creation of Western governments embedded with terrorist factions inside Syria. Show this to anyone who still can’t believe our leaders would be cynical and psychopathic enough to nominate mercenaries, fakers and mass-murderers for a Nobel prize, or that our media would be craven enough to let this grotesque lie go unquestioned
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