Ghosts of Capitalism vs. Walls of Solidarity

24 March 2020 — Internationalist 360°

Stella Calloni

In these difficult times for humanity, confronted with the danger of constant predatory action by the greed and boundless ambition of the hegemonic powers in the name of the free market, free enterprise, wild neo-liberalism, the destruction of nature ravaged to extremes never before seen by decadent capitalism, only solidarity and responsibility illuminate our habitat.

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When Logistics Run Out of Time

24 March 2020 — Novara Media

by Craig Gent


The vast majority of people first experienced the growing coronavirus crisis for themselves in a supermarket. Almost every store now has at least half a dozen bare aisles, if not more, and social media has been awash with pleas for so-called ‘panic buying’ to stop, which the government is now echoing.

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Lancet chief skewers Johnson government for its disastrous Covid-19 failure

24 March 2020 — True Publica

Lancet chief skewers Johnson government for its disastrous Covid-19 failure

An editorial piece in The Lancet – the world’s most prestigious, and best known general medical journal warned two months ago of the oncoming conflict between an ill-prepared, under-funded national health service and an indiscriminate invisible killer in the form of the 2019 coronavirus. More recently The Lancet warned again of the problems that health workers would be facing and yet the government took no notice – until it was too late:

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8 Day Journey From Hong Kong To Chile, COVID-19 On My Tail

24 March, 2020 — Counter Currents


Text and Photos: Andre Vltchek

My last interview in Hong Kong

Imagine that you are in Hong Kong, in a city where “you are actually not supposed to be”, in the first place. You are ready to go home, to South America. But just two days before your departure, via Seoul and Amsterdam, your first Sky Team carrier, Korean Air, unceremoniously decides to cancel all flights from the territory.

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China Wins Big With Covid-19. What Were We Thinking?

24 March 2020 — UNZ Review

Last Man Standing

China suffered through the H1N1 coronavirus epidemic in 2008 largely because the CDC took 6 months to identify it and, as a result, 300,000 died prematurely. SARS (774 deaths) was the clincher. They created a hair-trigger alarm system, mandated post-mortem pneumonia DNA testing nationwide, and promoted the CDC head, Dr. George F. Gao[1], to Demigod.

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