5G Warning By Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers

11 March 2020 — Smart Meter News

Written by John O’Sullivan

The prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering based in New York, issues a stark public warning of grave cancer risks from any mass roll out of 5G telecoms technology.

The Big Heist: U.S. Imposed Economic Sanctions on One Third of Humanity

10 March 2020 —  Internationalist 360°

Lauren Smith

The US has become increasingly dependent on the use of unilateral economic sanctions to achieve its policy objectives against its declared targets since the start of the great recession in 2008. Presently, sanctions impact one-third of humanity in 39 countries. Economic sanctions not only cause untold death and devastation to a given country by denying it access to US-dominated markets – which restricts its ability to generate wealth, stabilize its currency against price fluctuations and provide critical services and resources for its people – but economic sanctions also serve to justify and conceal theft, through asset freezes and seizures, at a rate only previously accomplished through invasion & occupation.

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US-Israel Predictably Behind Turkish Aggression in Syria

11 March 2020 — Land Destroyer 

(Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Turkey’s ongoing fighting in northern Syria’s Idlib governorate was – from the beginning of recent escalations – clearly a continuation of Washington’s wider now 9 year-long proxy war against Damascus.

Whatever gains Turkey had made in terms of reducing its role in Washington’s proxy war and repairing ties with Syria’s allies Russia and Iran – were clearly less important to Ankara amid these recent weeks of renewed aggression than whatever Washington has either promised Anakara or threatened it with.

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CoVid-19 – What the government is really covering up

11 March 2020 — True Publica

The UK government led by Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have taken a rather Laissez–faire attitude towards the coronavirus CoVid-19. They came under attack for not taking it seriously and not being visible. It wasn’t until March 3rd that suddenly No10 Downing Street realised they needed to contain the negative stories emerging about their administration and then seemingly sprang into action.

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WHO Expert Explains Why China’s Cases Of COVID-19 Are Declining

6 March 2020 — Popular Resistance

Update 11 March 2020

[Update: I’m rereading this a week later and realising that Bruce Aylward, the Deputy Director of the WHO, interviewed in this article, had the answer in how to deal effectively with the Covid-19 respiratory disease based on his experience in China. But the question to ask, is why his evidence has all but been ignored outside China? Could it be the anti-Chinese and racist attitudes of the West that has led them to ignore his advice?

I think it’s also clear that the British government (and other Western governments) are quite prepared to sacrifice sections of their populations in an attempt to save capitalism from itself. WB]

By Julia Belluz, Vox.com.

March 4, 2020

“It’s all about speed”: the most important lessons from China’s Covid-19 response.

There’s one country in the world that currently has the most knowledge of and experience with Covid-19: China.

China, and specifically Hubei province, is where the Covid-19 disease emerged; it’s where 83 percent of the 89,000 cases known to date have been recorded; and it’s where doctors and health authorities have been battling an epidemic for two months — while other countries braced themselves for outbreaks — using unprecedented public health measures, including a cordon sanitaire and lockdowns that affected millions.

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