Coronavirus and capitalism: join our online event

19 March 2020 — Global Justice Now

Although we’ve had to postpone our conference, Together We Are Powerful on 28 March, our campaign work continues and that includes events!

We’ll be trying out a two hour online event discussing some of the pressing global justice issues raised by the coronavirus crisis, and I’m pleased to say that Shalmali Guttal, who had planned to come over for our conference, will join this online discussion live from Thailand.
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The Show Must Go On. Event 201: The 2019 Fictional Pandemic Exercise [World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation et al.]

19 March 2020 — 

Questioning the ruling class narrative should never be seen, nor framed, as reckless. It should never be subjected to shaming. Rather, it should be a prerequisite and respected as such. The imperative to always question the ruling class narrative is not the responsibility of a small handful of individuals, but the responsibility of a thinking society as a whole. A working class society. With media, global institutions, NGOs, academia, and science, all in the pocket of capital, as draconian measures set in, this prerequisite has never been more important or more urgent.

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Justice Department Drops Case Against ‘Russian Influence Campaign’ While New Fake Claims Arise

19 March 2020 — Moon of Alabama

The Justice Department dropped its case against a Russian company which was alleged of influencing the 2016 elections. But as one false claim about Russian influence campaigns is now thoroughly debunked new nonsensical claims about alleged Russian influence campaigns arise.

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Syria News Links 14-19 March 2020

19 March 2020 — The New Dark Age

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A Tale of Two Foreign Policies: The Train-Wreck Abroad Is Bipartisan

New Evidence of US Ties to Terrorists

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