ColdType May (Issue 205) is now online

2 May 2020 — Coldtype

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COVID CONFUSION – Our leaders seem to be uncertain in their responses to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic that is now crippling the world economy. This month’s contributors tackle that uncertainty in their discussions of the crisis.

  • In our cover story Joe Allen takes a hard, but humorous, look at the twin impacts of religion and Bill Gates on the future World Order, Pepe Escobar digs into the facts behind US attempts to pin the blame for the pandemic on China, while a sceptical Tom Harrington says it’s time to challenge the impunity of the ‘experts’, and Christine E. Black is baffled by her state governor’s rulings on ‘social distancing’.
  • Among other virus-related stories, Ute Lotz-Heumanntells how diarist Samuel Pepys risked his life to be with his mistress during London’s great bubonic plague, and photographer Tim Purdue finds lockdown protesters in Ohio.
  • We also have Jonathan Cook’s essay on the era of Great Disillusionment, Trevor Hoyle on a wayward publisher, Philip Ferruggio at the racetrack, Trevor Grundy on Hitler’s ghost, and Andrew Fischer’s history of toilet paper.
  • Plus lots more great reading.


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