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April 2020 — Coldtype

ColdType: Great Reading to Keep the Boredom at Bay

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KEEP THE BOREDOM AT BAY – Sitting at home trapped in a pit of lockdown boredom? ColdType comes to the rescue with 52 pages of thought-provoking journalism from our talented stable of writers.

  • This issue’s top story comes from Joe Allen, who tells how, after the collapse of his gig on an international musical tour, he headed away from his Tennessee base to be with “a beautiful woman I know who tends a garden off the beaten track”.
  • We’ve also got Andrew Fischer’s delightful tale from his days as a not-too-successful taxi driver/celebrity hunter in Los Angeles, while Trevor Hoyle offers reasons why former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn lost the backing of many working class supporters. On the bug front, satirist C.J. Hopkins welcomes us to the Brave New Normal, stand-up comedian Lee Camp tells why the elites love the crisis, Linh Dinh explains why the US is stumbling into a farce of its own ineptitude, and John Pilger tells us, in an interview with T.J. Coles, why people deserve freedom from fear.
  • That’s not all: We’ve also got stimulating essays from Daniel Lazare, George Monbiot, Norman Solomon, Alan MacLeod, and Conn Hallinan, while Trevor Grundy, Adam Behr, Allison Skidmore and Kevin Bubriski take care of cultural affairs.

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