Assange Defense Post-Election Update: Get Involved!

6 November 2020 — Assange Defense

Now that the election drama seems like it might be tapering off, we wanted to touch base with you about our efforts to defend Julian Assange and civil liberties and share some of our recent successes.

Election & COVID coverage are hard to break through, BUT…

Even during these busy times, we’ve managed to get some media coverage of Julian’s case. But it’s tough. The media has been fixated on the election, COVID, and protests. They haven’t had much appetite for other stories, and with the extradition hearing in recess until January, they’ve been able to justify ignoring Julian’s case.

Still, we’ve been hard at work on our upcoming video series and drafting op-eds and Letters to the Editor. Our volunteers have done amazing work getting letters published in local papers!

We’ve recently had letters published about the Iraq War Logs in the Baltimore Sun and about how Biden and Trump need to be better on press freedom in the Tacoma News Tribune. There have been many more, from multiple letters in California and Colorado papers to New Hampshire and Massachusetts and others! Please let us know if you have had a pro-Julian letter published!

Get Involved!

With the election over, we really want to shine a spotlight on Julian’s case and pressure both Trump and Biden to do the right thing. We could use your help!

You can really help by writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) of your local newspaper, and we can help you do it! You can write your own from scratch or use our LTE handbook to get you started. It doesn’t take much time, and your voice really makes a difference! To volunteer to write an LTE, sign up with us through Action Network or reply to this email.

You can also sign up for our Action Network mailing list and follow us on Twitter & Facebook. Every time you retweet or share you’re helping spread awareness.

In solidarity,

Team Assange Defense

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