Netpol’s guide to resisting police surveillance

3 April 2021 — NetPol

As #KillTheBill activists prepare to take to the streets this weekend, we’ve written a quick-start guide to resisting police surveillance of protests. 

The last few weeks have seen police mount a huge evidence gathering operation, tracking and targeting people for arrests and fines. Thousands have been filmed, photographed and logged on police databases after protesting against sweeping new police powers.

Netpol have campaigned against police surveillance for over a decade. Our Charter for Freedom of Assembly Rights calls for an end to routine surveillance of protesters, including strict limitations on the use of police video recording, use of facial recognition software, and the surveillance of social media sites used by campaigners.

Stay safe on the streets this weekend. Find our key advice at, and graphics to share on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol)

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