Make your town or city pesticide-free!

7 April 2021 — Pesticide Action Network

As we head into spring, you will probably start to spot the tell-tale signs that pesticides have been used in your town or city, such as yellowing strips of grass or dead, brown plants along the edges of pavements. Across most of the UK, pesticides are still being sprayed in parks, playgrounds, pavements, schools and other public spaces. Many of these pesticides have been linked to serious health problems and contribute to biodiversity decline.

2021 is our chance to change this!

Many councils are holding local elections on the 6th May and this is an opportunity to ask candidates to commit to making your parish, borough, town or city pesticide-free!

We have set up some quick online actions you can take (and events you can join) if you’re in London or Greater Manchester. If you’re based elsewhere, scroll down to find out how you can get also get involved.

And join us online on 13th April as we discuss how to further the campaign in London. Register here.


And join us online on 14th April as we discuss how to further the campaign in Manchester. Register here.


Do get in touch if you have any questions. Let’s create a buzz across the UK over the next few weeks. Put posters up in your windows or on local noticeboards, encourage neighbours to take action, contribute questions at local hustings, share on social media, tag us and use the hashtag #PesticideFreeTowns and we’ll share it too.

An example question to contribute at your local hustings is:

“[Council name] continues to use toxic pesticides to manage weeds across its public spaces. These chemicals have been linked to an array of human health problems and impact on local biodiversity. There are many viable and cost-effective non-chemical alternatives available and more than 60 councils across the UK have already taken action to end or significantly reduce their pesticide use. If elected, will you commit to phasing-out urban pesticides and adopt an alternative weed management plan?”

Let’s end the use of pesticides in our towns and cities!

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