Submission: Clapham Common and Bristol Protests

15 April 2021 — NetPol

Bristol policeRiot officers outside Bristol police station, 22 March 2021. PHOTO: Miles Cooper

Submission to the Inquiry Into Respect For The Constitutional Rights To Free Expression And Free Assembly At The Clapham Common Vigil On 13 March 2021 And The Bristol Protests In March 2021.

This paper is a response to the call by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Democracy and the Constitution, who asked Netpol to help inform their inquiry into policing of public gatherings, constitutional rights, and the PSCS bill.

The paper is submitted by Netpol is a coalition of campaigners, legal support groups, lawyers and academics concerned with monitoring protest policing in Britain. We have been working alongside social movements to document issues arising from the policing of protest since 2009.

Report authors:

Dr Val Aston (Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University)

Dr Sian Jones, Netpol steering group

Kat Hobbs, Netpol Communications Coordinator

Download the Submission Download

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