US Ambassador Kelly Degnan Imposes External Control on Georgia

6 May 2021 — Origin: New Eastern Outlook

Vladimir Platov

As part of the competitive struggle throughout the history of mankind, individual countries have already fallen under the external control of others, losing their sovereignty. This has been expressed since the controlling power unilaterally exerted a direct influence on the vassal state, prescribing certain managerial decisions to it, equivalent to the transfer of power in favor of the dominant state.

In recent history, we have all witnessed more than a few such facts with Washington. For example, actions in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Latvia, where the United States tried to demonstrate to the world how they can control their vassals through their “appointees.” As a rule, Washington’s technology is no longer new: first, the country is drained of blood through sanctions or loans, financially and economically destabilized, after which the prerequisites for a “color revolution” are created through NCBs implanted by the American intelligence agencies, and at the final stage, the American authorities declare official support for another “revolutionary” puppet, born and raised in the United States. According to such patterns already tested by the United States, for example, Georgia with Saakashvili, Ukraine with Yushchenko and Poroshenko, Latvia with Krišjānis Kariņš, Washington introduces external control of such countries through pushing an American to the position as Prime Minister or President of this country. And for further “control on the ground,” the US Ambassador is usually appointed with solid experience of either “color,” or military coups, or working with the US intelligence agencies. Moreover, Washington’s advantage in selecting such Ambassadors has recently been given to representatives of the US military authorities.

This can be traced in detail to events in Georgia: both “appointees” with American citizenship to the country’s leadership, and a network of implanted NCBs, and indeed, the appointment of Kelly Degnan as the American Ambassador to Tbilisi at the end of 2019.

Already happening in 2020, Degnan’s “service record” drew attention to her not only in Georgia but also outside this small Caucasian country, whose citizens have always been characterized by being independent of external pressure and imposition of foreign policies and will.  Although the White House and the State Department actively emphasized “career belonging to diplomacy,” Washington failed to disguise Degnan’s “career path” in another department, the military, which is NATO, and its representative offices. As an expert on the policy of NATO and the promotion of this military bloc to the East, Kelly Degnan has repeatedly given various media interviews. She has shared her experience working in NATO and discussed what role “soft power” should play in the strategic concept and initiatives of the Alliance, especially with candidates for NATO membership, which includes Georgia.

Therefore, the tasks set by the White House and the Pentagon for Kelly when she was sent to Tbilisi were clearly visible. In particular, the strengthening of the US position in this country, the creation of Georgia’s Cooperative Security Locations (CSL) with logistics stocks, and some US military personnel. After all, this allows you to organize an American presence on the territory of another state and, if necessary, immediately deploy shock and logistical support bases of the army in any region. At the same time, Washington deliberately proceeded from the fact that, unlike the “classic” US military bases, such a designation will not cause discrepancies among ignorant Georgians, since here you can maneuver, calling them anything, but not openly “US military bases.” Moreover, the program for the development of the Georgian state has been written and approved, as it has been previously noted by NEO, not in Tbilisi but in the USA. This program involves participation in various “operations” of the CIA and the Pentagon in the region, including turning against Iran, buying up obsolete American weapons, and creating as many problems as possible for its big neighbor — Russia.

Furthermore, from the very first days of her stay in Georgia, Ambassador Kelly Degnan decided to take control over domestic political movements in this country in “her iron hands,” establishing close monitoring over political forces unacceptable to Washington. For this purpose, the telephone conversations between one of the country’s leaders and Chairman of Georgian Dream — Democratic Georgia party Bidzina Ivanishvili were tapped by the US Embassy in Georgia, and not only their conversations.

However, since Georgia fought a failed war with Russia, hosted the US secret bio weapons on its territory at Lugar laboratory, and has not received anything from the United States, even the Western media state the same, apart from the external management from the United States, and a “Washington beholder”, Ambassador Kelly.

As AgoraVox, a French citizen journalism site, rightly states, “after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO has become an instrument of American colonial policy and nothing more. It is much more profitable for Washington to act in Georgia without involving it with the Alliance. Even without a membership, the United States has many opportunities to use the small republic. In addition, the Georgian authorities themselves dutifully allow Washington to conduct its affairs in Georgia”.

Against the background of the recent growth of national consciousness resulting in an internal political crisis in Georgia with inter-party battles, Ambassador Kelly has actively joined the alignment of political forces in this country that’s beneficial to Washington, openly interfering with recent parliamentary elections. The USA and Ambassador Kelly still believe that when they talk about Georgia, they are talking about their state of Georgia.

The Georgian politician, Chairman of the Labour Party, Shalva Natelashvili, recently expressed that the self-consciousness is becoming more apparent in Georgia, and external governance of the country from the United States is being rejected. He referred to the US Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly Degnan as “a dictator who participated in the falsification of the results of the parliamentary elections.” The politician claimed that “the whole scheme of election fraud, especially against the Labour Party, was personally agreed and approved by her.” According to Natelashvili, that is why the US Ambassador “forced the opposition to sign a shameful ultimatum.” An agreement between the Georgian authorities and the opposition, prepared by President of the European Council, Charles Michel, under the control of Washington.

The elections to the Parliament of Georgia of the tenth conference were held in two rounds — on October 31 and November 21, 2020. Still, eight opposition parties refused to recognize their legitimacy and demanded repeat elections. US Ambassador Kelly Degnan actively joined the negotiations between the authorities and the opposition, taking on the functions of a mediator and then EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzel joined in. Following several unsuccessful rounds of negotiations, on April 18, President of the European Council presented a new document “A way ahead for Georgia” to the Georgian authorities and opposition to overcome political crisis which this time they signed (except United National Movement, European Georgia, and the Labour Party).

Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.

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