Media Reform Coalition Our Upcoming Events

11 May 2021 — Media Reform Coalition

We are running two events this week – have you got your ticket yet?

These events are part of the MRC’s The BBC and Beyond: Reimagining Public Media campaign, trying to reimagine what public media can be in the digital age. Later this year we will be creating a “Manifesto for a People’s Media”, with ideas for re-envisaging the BBC, Channel 4, and democratically-run independent media. If you have any ideas to contribute to our Manifesto, please tell us on the BBC and Beyond website!

Our upcoming events are:
Thursday, 13th May at 6pm: Lessons From Community Media (in partnership with Soundart Radio)

Friday, 14th May at 6pm: Protest, Dissent and the Media (as part of the Writing on the Wall Festival)

Click the links above to register for your free ticket! Both events will be livestreamed via FacebookTwitterand Youtube, with a Q&A at the end if you have any questions for the panelists.

We hope to see you there!

the Media Reform Coalition

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