Migrants Organise: Your solidarity is working!


Earlier this year we reached out to you, to support our legal challenge against the Home Office.

We had significant concerns about the Home Office’s failure to provide EU citizens living in the UK with an accessible and humane process for settling here after Brexit.

Within a matter of weeks you helped us reach our target of £10,000 to fund this work. Today we have an update for you.

Why we took action

We were especially worried about people without the mental capacity to make immigration decisions; including people with dementia, learning disabilities or difficulties, and mental health conditions.

After months of preparation, back and forth and legal work the Home Office has finally released new guidance which which confirms that those with impaired mental capacity will ”normally” have reasonable grounds to make a late application- and won’t be subject to immigration enforcement.

Our Legal Team at Public Law Project and Garden Court Chambers believes this to be ‘’comprehensive’’ for Home Office standards.

Without our intervention, this issue would have been ignored. You can read more here about our case.

Solidarity for all migrants

By removing barriers to the EU Settlement Scheme and showing solidarity with people living with mental health issues we are building power to fight the hostile environment while also caring for our communities.

However, everyday there is a new news story showing us how EU citizens are being entangled into the hostile environment. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will continue to speak out — holding the government to account.

As the Government’s New Plan for Immigration – Sovereign Borders Bill- unleashes a whole new attack on migrant and refugee communities it is as important as ever to connect and build our collective power.

We wanted to thank you for standing in solidarity with all migrants and refugees. This work could not be done without you.

Take Further Action: Many of you have already signed our call for a immigration system based on dignity and justice: Fair Immigration Charter. If you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to add your name and be part of a growing movement for migrant justice.

In solidarity,
Brian Dikoff
Legal Organiser

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