Ukraine News Links 1-3 October 2022

Tuesday, 4 October 2022 — The New Dark Age

‘Well of Solutions’ or Problems: Why Reforming the UN is Critical

Vladimir Putin at Together For Ever Concert , by Vladimir Putin 

Only Adult Children Still Believe U.S. Propaganda

It Was A Surprisingly Wise Move By The West Not To Fast-Track Ukraine’s NATO Membership

Europe’s Former Imperial Countries Are Now Desperate U.S. Colonies

Washington’s Ukraine proxy war is a self-defeating effort to save a dying monopoly capitalism

The Onus Is On Biden

This Is Not A Drill’: The Music And Politics Of Roger Waters

Some Business To Be Addressed…

Imperial Demon Watch: Vladimir Putin

Text Of Putin’s Speech Blasting ‘Neo-Colonial’ West

Russia Says US ‘Wrecked’ Ukraine Talks, But Peace Is Still Possible

European Ukraine’s Lives Matter! Asian, MidEast, African, Latin Lives Didn’t!

Over The Rainbow: Disneyfied News and the “Unprovoked” Invasion of Ukraine

PBS Spurious Narrative of America and the Holocaust

Poll: Americans support quick diplomatic end to war in Ukraine

PRC-DPRK Relations in 2021-2022; the Political Aspect

The multipolar world has no room for fascist Ukraine’s ideology of war & genocide

Biden and Nuland Promised to Destroy Nordstream before the Russian Invasion

Attack On Nord Stream Kills Prospects For Dialogue In Ukraine

Only Adult Children Still Believe U.S. Propaganda

Opportunistic Interests: The US-Pacific Island Declaration

The Attack on the Russian Pipelines Are Ultimately a Sign of Weakness

The Timing Of The Pipeline Attack

Fake Reporting on Blown-up Pipelines and Russia’s “Annexation” of Donbass: Open Letter to the NYT

Norman Solomon Interview

I’ll Never Know What it is to be a Bat: I’m batty for bat week!

U.S. Government Likely Perpetrated Biggest-Ever Catastrophic Global-Warming Event

Ukraine: the testing ground for the USA’s own fascist terror campaign

The United States Is Waging A New Cold War: A Socialist Perspective

The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase

US Postpones Passage of “Taiwan Policy” Bill

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