Grenfell Tower – Government accused of covering up ‘national scandal’

1 February 2021 — True Publica

Grenfell Tower - Government accused of covering up 'national scandal'

By Peter Geoghegan and Jaysim Hanspal – The British government has been accused of trying to cover up a “national scandal” by telling local councils it was “appropriate” to block the release of information about high-rise buildings like Grenfell Tower that have potentially lethal aluminium cladding.

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Restricted access to Grenfell inquiry for survivors and bereaved

11 July 2020 — WSWS

By Alice Summers

Phase Two of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry resumed Monday after being halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than three years on from the devastating fire that claimed 72 lives, the resumption of the inquiry confirms its character as a contemptible cover-up.

This week’s reopening met with widespread outrage from survivors and the bereaved over further proposed delays to proceedings and arrangements restricting their access to hearings. As of Friday, the inquiry had only met for 18 days of hearings since January.

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Dent Coad: The Grenfell inquiry is revealing jaw-dropping examples of poor practice

12 March, 2020 — Architects Journal

By Emma Dent Coad

The proceedings of the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster are compelling and shocking in equal measure, says Emma Dent Coad


I was elected as the first Labour MP for Kensington, after three recounts, on 9 June 2017. Four days later I woke to the sound of helicopters, put on the radio, leapt out of bed, dressed in seconds, and ran down the road to a scene of unspeakable horror that changed all our lives forever.

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UK: Grenfell fire inquiry finalises moves to grant corporations immunity from prosecution

22 February 2020 — WSWS

By Charles Hixson

The official inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people in June 2017 stands ever more exposed as a sordid whitewash of those responsible for the catastrophe.

Proceedings are currently adjourned until at least February 24. Their resumption is waiting on the decision of the attorney-general as to whether to promise immunity on oral testimony of witnesses.

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Grenfell Tower – ‘Independent experts’ advised by lobbyists for combustible insulation manufacturers

18 February 2020 — True Publica

Grenfell Tower - 'Independent experts' advised by lobbyists for combustible insulation manufacturers

Two of the Grenfell Inquiry’s independent experts were invited to attend an advisory group meeting with lobbyists for combustible insulation manufacturers. Both previously advised the inquiry against banning these products from high rises.

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Grenfell Tower Fire: A Conspiracy to Hide the Truth from Thousands of Current Residents of 400 Existing Buildings

28 January 2020 — Global Research

All polymer foams produced from isocyanate chemicals are fire-accelerants that will not only spread any fire within seconds of ignition but will also emit lethal hydrogen cyanide gas that can cause death within a few minutes.

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Why we still don’t know “the truth” about Grenfell

31 October 2019 — Open Democracy

The media reporting of the Grenfell Inquiry’s Phase 1 findings shows the battle that lies ahead.

Grenfell Tower lit up in green to commemorate the fireGrenfell Tower in West London, 30 October 2019
Steve Parsons/PA Wire/PA Images

On 14 June 2017, a devastating fire broke out at Grenfell Tower, eventually killing 72 people, injuring hundreds more and leaving over 200 households homeless. Yesterday, a Prime Minister not renowned for being closely acquainted with honesty has trumpeted that the formal unveiling of the Report of Phase 1 of the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell disaster will offer the bereaved, survivors and wider affected community “the truth”. We really hope so, but the media reporting of the Inquiry’s findings so far shows the battle that lies ahead.

Grenfell Report Phase 1 Seeks to Blame the Firefighters

29 October 2019 — Craig Murray

One simple fact cannot be hidden. The firefighters did not cause the fire. Phase 1 of Judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s report of the public inquiry into the Grenfell disaster has been released to relatives prior to publication tomorrow. According to the Guardian, it concentrates blame on the firefighters in charge of tackling the blaze. This is an entirely predictable Establishment ploy; blame the little people.

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In a new report, firefighters lay the ‘ultimate responsibility’ for Grenfell at the UK government’s feet

24 September 2019 — The Canary

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Fire destroys another residential tower block in London By Thomas Scripps

13 September 2019 — WSWS

Another inferno has torn through a large block of London residential flats. Just over two years after the Grenfell Tower inferno, the raging fire completely destroyed an entire structure—this time in Worcester Park in the borough of Sutton, in the southwest of the capital.

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Britain: Grenfell – two years on, unite to fight for justice By Nico Baldion

14 June 2019 — In Defence of Marxism

Nico Baldion (Chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum) and Dan Langley

Image: Natalie Oxford

When Theresa May made a tearful resignation announcement in front of Downing Street recently, many posts on social media went viral speaking about the lack of tears from the Prime Minister over Grenfell. In any case, Grenfell families wouldn’t have been comforted by any tears then, and they certainly won’t be now. They want justice.

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Free Reis Morris! Grenfell Tower campaigner imprisoned while those guilty of social murder walk free

8 June 2019 — WSWS

By the Socialist Equality Party (UK) 

The Socialist Equality Party condemns the imprisonment of Grenfell justice campaigner Reis Morris. His jailing is a vicious act of class justice aimed at suppressing opposition and protecting those responsible for 72 deaths in the Grenfell Tower inferno.

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A history of council housing: Municipal Dreams brings the national story of housing to life

25 May 2019 — Verso Books

Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing John Boughton

“An elegant and compendious ongoing exploration of Britain’s social history through its council estate… There couldn’t be a better time for this book.” – Lynsey Hanley, Guardian

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