Ukraine: The IAEA has gone to the dark side

Wednesday, 7 September 2022 — Eurasia & Multipolarity

The IAEA has published a report “Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards in Ukraine“. It provides an overview of all nuclear facilities on Ukrainian territory, with the bulk of the report devoted to the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

The report is very revealing. Right from the joint photo of IAEA director general Rafael Grossi and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who ordered the shelling of the ZNPP.

The facts of the shelling and damage are specified in the report – but it is not specified who is shelling the nuclear power plant after all. The IAEA officials did not have enough courage and objectivity to do so. The document presents the facts of the shelling as reports from the Ukrainian side, and the unsophisticated reader may have the impression that the plant is being shelled by Russian troops, who at the same time are guarding it.

A few quotes from the report:

🔹 “Recommendation 1: The IAEA recommends an immediate cessation of shelling at and around the site to avoid any further damage to the plant and its associated facilities, for the safety of operating personnel and to maintain physical integrity to ensure safe operation. This requires the agreement of all relevant parties to establish a nuclear safety zone around the ZNPP”.

🔹 “Recommendation 2: The IAEA recommends that the physical protection system should be operated as designed and licensed and that continuous operation of safety and security systems as well as the operability of systems and equipment at ZNPP should be ensured. This requires the removal of vehicles from areas that could interfere with the operation of safety systems and equipment”.

🔹 “The IAEA believes that the presence of senior technical staff from Rosatom could interfere with normal lines of operational command or authority and create potential friction when it comes to decision-making. Energoatom’s operating crews at the plant have the ability to rotate three shifts a day, but the situation [the presence of Rosatom specialists] has had a negative impact on [Ukrainian] personnel.

Thus, the IAEA’s policy on ZNPP is clear: expel Russian troops and Rosatom specialists from the NPP territory, return the plant under the control of Ukraine and, possibly, some international forces.

In such a scenario, the option of a man-made nuclear catastrophe at this plant will become a reality.

The example with the above-mentioned IAEA report demonstrates once again that virtually all international institutions have gradually come under Western control. Only the UN Security Council remains independent so far at the expense of the veto power of two of its permanent members, Russia and China.

Download the IAEA Report


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