Onwards towards Odessa

Monday, 31 October 2022 —  The van says…

Aside from its size as a city, Odessa’s importance as a port is immeasurable to the Ukraine


A lot has been said of late regarding happenings near Kherson, yet with the promised Ukrainian advance being as elusive as the Ghost of Kiev, there may be more to events in the area than meet the eye. This article will look both at Russia’s future push westwards as well as other matters which will see Ukrainian fortunes fall faster than the mercury in Siberia during December.
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“The Once Bright City Became Gloomy and Sad:” Survivor of 2014 Odessa Massacre Reflects Back on Tragedy

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

There was heroism and cruelty on both sides': the truth behind one of Ukraine's deadliest days | Ukraine | The GuardianBurning of Odessa’s House of Trade Unions Building on May 2, 2014. [Source: theguardian.com]

Massacre part of planned act of intimidation by U.S.-installed government and precipitated civil war in Ukraine

On May 2, 2014, at least 48 people were killed when right-wing Ukrainian forces burned down the Trade Unions Building in Odessa. The victims had taken refuge in the building after opposing the February 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine that was backed by the U.S. State Department.

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Rossiya television network, Moscow, April 11, 2022

11 April 2022 17:55 — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation

Question: I would like to ask you about “strange” statements by European diplomats on the course of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said it must be won on the battlefield. This doesn’t really jibe with the EU’s status as a primarily political and economic organisation. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed regret over his earlier stance on the possibility of normal dialogue with Russia. So now he doesn’t think it’s possible. How is one supposed to talk with these people? How is one supposed to come to terms with them?

Obama’s Ugliest Crime Exposed in a 4-Minute Video By Eric Zuesse

22 June 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

It’s stunning.

It’s a video showing the inside of Odessa Trades Unions Building while hundreds of people who opposed Obama’s coup that had overthrown Ukraine’s freely elected President (the last President who was elected by the entire country) were murdered by Obama’s thugs, on May 2nd. This incident in the Trade Unions Building was even more violent than Kiev’s February coup itself, and it sparked Ukraine’s civil war, because it reeked of “genocide” (both intent and action) against the vast majority of residents in southeastern Ukraine, who (like those victims) don’t want to be ruled by people who wished them dead. But unlike those victims, they now know to a certainty that this indeed is the intent of the people whom Obama has made their leaders.

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Rather the Useful Idiot By Gavin Rae

27 May 2014 — The Bullet • Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 989

The images from Odessa were truly horrific. Burnt corpses, a strangled pregnant woman, people jumping out of windows to their deaths. Yet perhaps the most disturbing of them all was the scene where a group of young educated looking teenage girls, draped in the Ukrainian flag, were happily making the Molotov Cocktails that would later help cause the deaths of over 40 people. These images encapsulated how the Maidan had transformed from being a movement for hope to one of tragedy.

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The Kiev Junta is waging war on its own citizens By Olga Shedrova

20 May 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The fascists are its cannon fodder

Acting Ukraine’s President Alexander Turchinov has recently called on the people of self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics to support the anti-terrorist operation and side with the government to wipe out «terrorists and separatists». Kiev is trying to make others believe that it’s nobody else but Russian soldiers and fictitious terrorists who are involved in combat actions in the south-east. What else can it say? The Kiev interim rulers cannot tell the truth and admit that they are killing their own citizens. It would be tantamount to making an admission to committing war crimes. No matter that, the true facts start to spread around.

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Bloodbath in Odessa Guided by Interim Rulers of Ukraine

15 May 2014 — Oriental Review

odessa tragedy

The information provided below was obtained from an insider in one of Ukraine’s law-enforcement agencies, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It is clear that there are people even within the interim administration in Kiev who are against what happened in Odessa on May 2 and throughout the whole country.

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Ukraine and America’s “Global War on Terrorism”. Is US-NATO Applying the “Syria Model” in Ukraine? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

13 May 2014 — Global Research

Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa were involved, with the support of the Kiev regime, in a terrorist operation geared towards the killing of innocent civilians.

There was nothing spontaneous or accidental in this diabolical and criminal undertaking which consisted in the mass murder of federalist activists inside the House of Trade Unions. The building was set on fire quite deliberately as part of a carefully planned paramilitary operation.

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Fascists burning people alive in Odessa, Nazism on the rise in Europe: Is this the democracy the Western world proposes for Ukraine?

13 May 2014 — Stop NATOInterfax

Pushkov hopes to hear PACE assessment of materials on fight in Odesa sent to it by Russia

MOSCOW: The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) may assess the materials sent to PACE by Russia on Tuesday – pictures of burnt and shot victims of the clashes in Odesa on May 2, State Duma international affairs committee head Alexei Pushkov said.

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To Understand or Not to Understand Putin By Diana Johnstone

8 May 2014 — Greanville Post

That’s the Question…

Putin and MededevParis. – In Germany these days, very many citizens object to the endless Russia-bashing of the NATO-oriented mainstream media.  They may point out that the U.S.-backed regime change in Kiev, putting in power an ultra-right transitional government eager to join NATO, posed an urgent threat to preservation of Russia’s only warm water naval base in Crimea. Under the circumstances, and inasmuch as the Crimean population overwhelmingly approved, reinstating Crimea in the Russian federation was a necessary defensive move.

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Videos and Photos of the Odessa Massacre, and Why It Was Done

8 May 2014 —  WashingtonsBlog

By Eric Zuesse

For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians has been filmed by many people from many different angles and perspectives while it was happening, and is documented in extraordinary detail in “real time,” the perpetrators having no fear of any negative consequences from their endeavor, and even cheering and celebrating the tortures and deaths as they were being imposed upon the helpless victims. The perpetrators were unconcerned, because what they were doing was what the government (which the U.S. had imposed upon their country and which U.S. taxpayers had spent more than 5 billion dollars to bring about there) had wanted them to do, and had helped to organize them to carry out. These people were just having fun, like a party to them, nothing really serious at all. Sort of like Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange, more than, say Auschwitz (such a bore!). But, if so, a hundredfold more. And none of these people (tragically including the victims) were actors!

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Boris Kagarlitsky: The ashes of Odessa

7 May 2014 — Links international Journal of Socialist Renewal

By Boris Kagarlitsky, translated for Links international Journal of Socialist Renewal by Renfrey Clarke

In the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2 more people died than over several days of fighting in the Donbass, though in Kramatorsk the same day government forces also excelled themselves, killing 10 unarmed local residents who had tried to block the path of armoured vehicles.

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Crucial investigation into the role of the junta in the Odessa massacre

6 May 2014 — Vineyard of the Saker

Please find below the translation to the video I have posted before and which I am re-posting here below. 

A huge THANK YOU to “sparling5” for making this translation in such a short time.  If I get a subtitled video I will also post it here.  This information is important enough to deserve several re-posts.
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