Virgin Care and other private companies seize another £3.1 billion of NHS assets By Ajanta Silva

15 January 2018 — WSWS

With a £101 billion ($US 137 billion) budget in the National Health Service (NHS) in England alone, private companies have found a gold mine to plunder with the blessings of the Tory government.

A recent report by the campaign group NHS Support Federation brings to light the aggressive involvement of the private companies in winning contracts previously run by in-house NHS providers. Private, for-profit companies won more than £3.1 billion worth of contracts in the last financial year, 2016-2017, with Virgin Care—run by billionaire business mogul Richard Branson—becoming the main beneficiary.

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Virgin Care: A case study in how private corporations loot the UK’s National Health Service By Ajanta Silva

23 December 2017 — WSWS

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) recently exposed a scandalous handout given to private healthcare company Virgin Care by a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in the county of Surrey, England.

This brings to light how private companies are plundering the National Health Service (NHS) with impunity like never before, with the blessing of central governments.

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FOI: Stop the G4S/Virgin Takeover of the NHS!

2 March 2016 — 38 Degrees

We’re one step closer to cracking down on private companies like Virgin and G4S who are taking over our public services.

Yesterday, the government’s own advisors backed what 38 Degrees members have been asking for in our hundreds of thousands – that we have a right to know what private companies who run services like in our NHS are up to. [1]

But here’s the snag. The advice is buried on page 51 of a new report about transparency laws – known as Freedom of Information (FOI). [2] It’d be easy to miss. David Cameron and his ministers will have the full report on their desks right now. And they’ll be weighing up which bits they should listen to.

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The health hurricane: a year of destruction in the NHS By Alex Nunn

 11 February 2013 — Red Pepper

Alex Nunns looks at the gale of privatisation, sell-offs and cuts in services blowing through the health service 

It is almost a year since the controversial Health and Social Care Act was passed in March 2012. At the time, campaigners issued apocalyptic warnings that it would break up the health service, allowing the NHS to be offered up for privatisation bit by bit. A year on that fear is being realised at breathtaking speed.

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