Power2010: They didn’t think we could get this far

30 April, 2010 — Power2010 – Let’s fix it not fiddle it

Dear Friend,
POWER2010 started as one idea: fix our broken politics. 

From that idea – and all the people who were inspired by that idea – came others, thousands of submissions from people all across the country.

Those ideas became the POWER Pledge, our manifesto for a better Britain. The story of POWER2010 is your story.  Watch our video and share it with your friends:

As the election draws closer, more and more people are crying out for change, but they don’t know what to do about it. To many, it seems inevitable that we will return to politics as usual after the election.

But it’s not inevitable. That’s just what the politicians want us to believe – you know that our best hope for change lies in us. If we organise and rally together as an undeniable force for reform, the politicians will have to listen.

POWER2010 is your movement and it’s up to you to make sure that it reaches everyone in Britain. We’ve already beaten the odds by growing as large as we have – now I need you to take it further.

Share our campaign’s story with your friends and family so the MPs we elect on 6 May will truly represent us and the reforms we demand.


Thank you,

Mark Ross
Head of Campaigns

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