Ecuador: Lenin Moreno and the CIA against Andres Arauz

29 March 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Katu Arkonada second round of the Ecuadorian election between the candidate of the pro-Correa citizen revolution Arauz and the banker Lasso is approaching, and things are accelerating in the axis formed by Lenin Moreno and the United States, with its intelligence services at the forefront.
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How the Trump Admin Used a Secret Livestream to Spy on Julian Assange

30 September 2019 — Mint Press

Working directly with Ecuador’s corrupt government, the U.S. government abandoned all sense of legality and moral decency by spying on Assange twenty-four hours a day via an illegal livestream surveillance operation set up by a private security firm and approved by Ecuador’s president.

By Jimmysllama

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 28 June 2012

28 June


Bradley Manning defense claims victory on due process motion

Democratic Underground

“The Obama administration can’t hide from reality forever” said Jeff Paterson, a lead organizer with the Bradley Manning Support Network. “Any ruling in favor of …

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Ecuador: The Day the President Disappeared

11 October, 2010 — The Real News Network

Ecuadorian filmmaker/journalist Oscar Leon presents Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis Pt. 2/2 • Part 1 Here

When the news of an attempted coup d’état was released to the world, many immediately began to point fingers and look for the conspiracy. After all, the President was attacked by the police and being held in the police hospital surrounded by officers for up to ten hours.

On the morning of September 30th, Ecuador woke up in shock. The police were on an armed strike claiming the newly enacted Public Service Law had reduced their salaries and benefits. This act of defiance by the police force angered many people, given that thieves took full advantage of the strike to loot businesses, and merchants were left defenseless in all the cities in the country.

The international community immediately closed ranks behind the regime of President Rafael Correa, and so did the Ecuadorian military command. The military eventually forcefully entered the hospital to free Correa.

A whole country was kidnapped by the police. For one day, the traditional roles of political crisis were inverted and it was the police burning tires in the streets and throwing rocks against the government while some civilian groups defended the regime.

Who is behind this? Who stands to gain from what happened? Is there an international force trying to take down a Government? Was a whole country being held hostage by a group of police officers?

Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis?

8 October, 2010 — The Real News Network

Ecuadorian filmmaker Oscar León presents his take on country’s history that led to the crisis, Pt. 1/2

Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis?
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This is a special report about the Police Force insurrection and kidnapping of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on September 30th, 2010. President Correa was held hostage for 11 hours by a large number of armed policemen inside the Quito Regiment. Eventually leading to street battles and a bloody ending that gripped a nation.

My name is Oscar Leon, reporter and documentary filmmaker from Ecuador. Between 2005 and 2007 I created the documentary “Third World Democracy Handbook” about the fall of President Lucio Gutierrez, at that time he was the 3rd President to fall in less than 10 years, had Rafael Correa fallen he would have been the 4rd to fall in less than 14 years. Being a reporter in Ecuador during the “Lost Decade” I can bring some insight about what happened that day. Was this an institutional crisis? Or a foreign power’s attempt to overthrow him? This infamous day is being utilized by both political sides. But what is the truth behind it? In order to get a better understanding of what happened, in Part 1 we will explain some necessary context. In Part 2 of this special report we will go over what took place on September 30th 2010.

Ecuador President Defiant After Failed Coup

1 October, 2010 — The Real News Network

Wilpert: Right-wing forces use recession, President Correa’s faltering popularity to launch failed coup

1st collector for Ecuador President Defiant After Failed Coup
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Gregory Wilpert is a sociologist, freelance journalist, editor of, and author of the recently published book, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power.

Venezolana de Televisión, "Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa Rescued by Armed Forces"

1 October, 2010 — MRZine

From the Carondelet Palace, President Correa expressed his condemnation of the attitude of police. He congratulated the people for their courage. With such loyalty no one can defeat us, he said. He thanked the world leaders and organizations that expressed their support for the government. He declared that Ecuador will not submit to anyone.

President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, from the Carondelet Palace, expressed his gratitude and saluted thousands of people who welcomed him with applause and shouts of Viva the Citizen Revolution.

Correa condemned the destabilizing and coup-plotting mindset of some policemen, criminals who in vain shed the blood of their fellow policemen and citizens who were wounded during his rescue.

In this regard, he asked the country to hold a minute of silence in respect for and solidarity with the families of the fallen.

Correa said that the policemen who revolted against the government and kidnapped him were infiltrators in service of former president Lucio Gutiérrez.

‘This morning, we were, as is our custom, going to have a dialogue to explain to them what we wanted to do, for no one has supported the police or improved their salaries as much as our government, but seeing the reaction I felt betrayed by them. There I realized who was behind it: some of them called me ‘a liar’ and said that Lucio [Gutiérrez] had given them more support,’ he said in condemnation,

He said that this ‘is a day of great sadness that I never thought would come to pass under my government of peace, justice, and dignity, which is only seeking to establish the wellbeing of the people and help the poorest — especially those policemen, who were being manipulated.’

He thanked the leaders of all the countries of the Union of South America (UNASUR) and of the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) and numerous other countries in the world for their messages and actions of support for the government of Ecuador.

President Correa celebrated, together with his people, the new triumph of the Citizen Revolution defeating the Right’s coup attempt.

The original article ‘El Presidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa fue rescatado por el ejército‘ was published by Venezolana de Televisión on 30 September 2010. Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi.