Wikileaks News Roundup 6-7 December, 2010

7 December, 2010 —

See also the complete list of stories 28 November – 7 December, 2010

7 December, 2010

  • Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Taking Down America
  • #Wikileaks: The Internet Ideal Triumphs
  • Julian Assange: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’
  • Britain arrests WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange
  • #PayPal suffers DoS for spurning
  • #Wikileaks
  • Visa suspends Wikileaks payments
  • Bolivia Responds to U.S. Manipulation of Climate Talks Revealed by WikiLeaks
  • Death Squads versus Democracy: Tom Flanagan’s “Joke” directed against Wikileaks Julian Assange
  • Headlines for December 7, 2010
  • Glenn Greenwald on the Arrest of Julian Assange and the U.S. “War on WikiLeaks”
  • Chief E.U. Climate Negotiator: WikiLeaks Cables’ Account of Copenhagen Manipulation “One-Sided and Selective”
  • U.S. Negotiator Refuses to Answer Questions on WikiLeaks Cables’ Account of Climate Talks Manipulation
  • Guardian Environment Editor John Vidal on WikiLeaks Cables and U.S. Manipulation of Climate Talks
  • Wikileaks defended by hacktivists
  • Wikileaks’ Assange arrested in UK
  • Trotsky on Wikileaks (well, sort of)
  • WikiLeaks damage to US foreign policy colossal – political scientist
  • Defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange! Australia should break the military alliance with US!
  • WikiLeaks blows whistle on NATO’s plans against Russia
  • Wikileaks reveals US Baltic plan
  • Cameron and Karzai downplay leaks
  • Wikileaks: Power, Propaganda, and the Global Political Awakening by Andrew Gavin Marshall
  • Defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange!
  • WikiLeaks’ founder Assange arrested in London
  • WikiLeaks releases list of sites ‘vital to US national security’
  • Arrest warrant on Assange to be served today
  • Campaigners rally to defence as attempts to muzzle site mount
  • Alan Hart: WikiLeaks: What, really, is the problem?
  • Wikileaks Mirrors
  • What WikiLeaks revealed about the empire
  • WikiLeaks founder plans to surrender to British authorities – paper
  • Socialist Alliance: Defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange!
  • Newspaper review
  • 6 December, 2010

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