Wikileaks: Hezbollah Rockets Cover All of Israel

3 December, 2010 — The Real News Network

Gareth Porter: Balance of forces in Middle East has changed with Hezbollah able to “cover entire territory of Israel” with rockets

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Gareth Porter is a historian and investigative journalist on US foreign and military policy analyst. He writes regularly for Inter Press Service on US policy towards Iraq and Iran. Author of four books, the latest of which is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam.


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Julian Assange’s rape case: is Sweden just making it up? Julian Assange’s former lawyer writes

2 December, 2010 — Crikey

Apparently having consensual sex in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape. That is the basis for a reinstitution of rape charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity.

Sweden’s Public Prosecutor’s Office was embarrassed in August this year when it leaked to the media that it was seeking to arrest Assange for rape, then on the same day withdrew the arrest warrant because in its own words there was ‘no evidence’. The damage to Assange’s reputation is incalculable. More than three quarters of internet references to his name refer to rape. Now, three months on and three prosecutors later, the Swedes seem to be clear on their basis to proceed. Consensual sex that started out with a condom ended up without one, ergo, the sex was not consensual.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 3 December, 2010: This Website Supports The Work Of Wikileaks and Julian Assange

3 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

A Call To Action
I call on all of ICH readers to donate towards to cost involved in hosting and other expenses at Wikileaks. At a time when our government is employing all of the resources at its disposal to destroy this organization and its principals we can not remain silent.

We must put our money where our mouth is.

Do we live in a free society or are you afraid of the US government?

Are You Brave Enough To Take A Stand and say: “The world needs Wikileaks.”

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WikiLeaks: Experts Explain America’s Role In Afghanistan Corruption
By Braden Holly
President Hamid Karzai’s half-brother, is getting paid by the CIA and that thousands of other officials are being paid off. That, in my mind, is corruption,” said Pratap Chatterjee, an author and columnist for the Guardian. “A lot of the biggest money in Afghanistan is U.S. military and State Department contracts.”

US Takes Cut of Donations by Allies to Afghanistan
By Ian Traynor
THE US military has been charging its allies a 15 per cent handling fee on hundreds of millions of dollars raised internationally to build up the Afghan army, according to US diplomatic cables.

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Wikileaks News Roundup 3-4 December, 2010

4 December, 2010 —

Wikileaks can now be reached at:

4 December, 2010

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 2 December, 2010 — How the US Media is Dumping on WikiLeaks – and Censoring the Cable Disclosures

2 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Pakistan Denies WikiLeaks Disclosure it Tolerates Drone Attacks
The whistleblower website WikiLeaks quoted a secret cable sent by former US ambassador in Islamabad, Anne Patterson, that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani had promised to tolerate the strikes.

Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe
By David Corn
WikiLeaks cable shows that when Spain considered a criminal case against ex-Bush officials, the Obama White House and Republicans, leaned on Spain to derail this potential prosecution.

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Budrus Official Film Website | Just Vision

4 December, 2010 — Just Vision

Budrus tells the story of a Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who unites members of all factions along with Israeli supporters in an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction. Success looks improbable until his 15-year-old daughter, Iltezam, launches a women’s contingent that quickly moves to the front lines.

Recently, the Boston Globe said of Budrus, “this film will single-handedly change how many people view the conflict. It’s that good and that important.”

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