Statewatch News Online, 30 December 2010: Guide to EU decision-making and justice and home affairs after the Lisbon Treaty

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1.    EU: Statewatch publication: Guide to EU decision-making and justice and home affairs after the Lisbon Treaty
2.    EU: Statewatch Analysis: The EU Justice and Home Affairs agenda in 2011
3.    EU: Council Presidency (Hungary): Provisional Justice and Home Affairs Council Agendas
4.    Statewatch Analysis: Case Law Summary: EU access to documents Regulation
5.    Germany: Under permanent observation
6.    EU: European Parliament: Draft report: combating sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of children
7.    European Parliament: Frontex proposal draft reprt
8.    EU-funded police research on policing protests
9.    SWEDEN-USA: Wikileaks: exchanges of intelligence information
10.  EU-USA: European Commission: Health and Human Services Cooperation
11.  EU-USA: Think tanks report: “Shoulder to shoulder”: Forging a Strategic US-EU Partnership
12.  EU: European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS): EU Internal Security Strategy
13.  EU: European Commission: Communication on the procedures for the scrutiny of Europol’s activities
14.  UK: Kettle tactics risk Hillsborough-style tragedy – doctor
15.  EU: New SitCen Director appointed
16.  UK-EU: Europe tells Britain to justify itself over fingerprinting children
17.  EU: European Commission: Fifth report civil aviation security
18.  FRANCE: Letter against “behaviour” controls on public data reuse signed by 35 NGOs
19.  EU: European Parliament: Parliament approves tougher rules to combat trafficking in human beings
20.  Hungary: Hungarian Media Law fuels international concern
21.  EU: Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS): Data protection compliance in the EU administration

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Adrian Lamo government informant Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 –

Tracking Lamo “ KADAITCHA
By Jinjirrie
That’s kind of a big deal, because the published portions of the logs do not support or back up the statements Adrian Lamo seems to have been making. And that would mean that his claims are based solely on opinion, not based on evidence …

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Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 —

Obert Gutu: ‘blind’ follower of a ‘blind’ leader
The Zimbabwe Guardian
Tsvangirai, indicted on not over WikiLeaks, has been scarred by the revelations and he, and the whole world, now know that America sees him as a weak and …

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Bradley Manning Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 — isn’t publishing more from Manning-Lamo chats
Yahoo! Tech (blog)
By Michael Calderone By Michael Calderone michael Calderone – Wed Dec 29,
4:33 pm ET broke big news in June: Army specialist Bradley Manning had …

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 29 December, 2010: Clinton Plays Russian Roulette With Justice

29 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Clinton Plays Russian Roulette With Justice
By Yvonne Ridley
Instead of sticking her nose in to other countries’ judicial processes, perhaps the US Secretary of State would care to look into her own backyard and tell us why one of her soldiers was given a mere nine month sentence earlier this month after shooting unarmed civilians in Afghanistan?

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 29 December, 2010: PA: Israel continues land confiscations in West Bank

29 December, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Two Years After Gaza War, Gaza Remains Sealed-Off, Suffering Continues
IMEMC – 29 Dec 2010 – Wednesday December 29, 2010 – 23:09, Two years after Operation Cast Lead: Gaza Remains Sealed-Off from outside World, Impunity for War Crimes Prevails

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Black Agenda Report 29 December, 2010: BAR Limited Holiday Edition – Dec 29

29 December, 2010 — BAR

BAR will return in Full Strength on Wednesday, January 5
Happy New Year!!

Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey

Haiti: No Sovereignty, No Justice
Haiti has been a less than sovereign nation since 1825, when France saddled the young Black republic with the equivalent of billions in debt to compensate for the colonial power’s loss of its plantations and slaves. Foreigners imposed the recent elections on Haiti, bringing into question whether “these elections were really Haitian, at all,” says Alex Main, policy analyst for the Center for Economic and Policy Research. All three of the top vote-getters “have very close ties to the business elite,” and “none have endorse an agenda that would lift Haitians out of poverty.”
Paul Pumphrey, of Brothers and Sisters International, notes that half of Haiti’s ruling Interim Commission is made up of foreigners. Haitian commission members recently complained that they are not even consulted on how reconstruction and development money is spent.
Finance Capital Hegemony is Cause of Crisis
Western finance capital is “not interested in productive investment – they’re interesting in spreading debt among nations and people and keeping wages as low as possible,” says Anthony Monteiro, professor of African American Studies at Temple University, in Philadelphia. Americans and Europeans will ultimately have to choose, “not whether they can reform finance capital, but how quickly they can undermine the hegemony of finance capital over their national economies and a good part of the world economy.”
The Dead-End of Liberalism
Comfortable liberals don’t really believe that the fascist barbarians are at the gate. If they did, they would be radicals. “Black, Brown, indigenous and working people need to abandon the conventions of the conventional Left and develop their own politics, says BAR columnist Dr. Jared Ball.
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Obama War Budget Breaks All Records – But When Will Black America Break with Him?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
The Republican House majority hadn’t even taken their seats yet, but their presence wasn’t necessary to pass the biggest military budget since World War II. Not only can’t Obama blame his wars on George Bush, but the First Black President has dramatically outdone his predecessor in expenditures on the machinery of death. “Yet only 12 Black members of Congress can bring themselves to vote against Obama’s wars.”
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Thanks 2010? 2011: The Hate That Hate Produced!

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball
Righteous hatred of injustice is a very good thing, no matter what the pacifiers and accommodators (get paid to) say. And if injustice fuels determined resistance, then 2010 should have been a gusher year. 2011 promises to provide even more cause for righteous hatred. For example, the NAACP is taking big bucks from Wells Fargo, the destroyer of Black neighborhoods and whole cities, to teach Black people how to be responsible with (what’s left of) their money. Who deserves our hatred most, the giver or the receiver?
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Let the Bones of Cecil Rhodes Rot Somewhere Else

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Europeans and Euro-Americans are proud of their heroes, even if – especially if – they are mass murderers and mega-thieves. Some are incensed at African demands that the bones of the infamous imperialist Cecil Rhodes be dug up from his Zimbabwean grave and shipped back to England. But “no people have an obligation to respect the graves of their murderers.”
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