VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 28 December, 2010: ‘The great book robbery’

28 December, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Prominent Rabbis’ Wives Tell Fellow Jewish Women Not To Date Arabs
IMEMC – 28 Dec 2010 – Wednesday December 29, 2010 – 03:50, In a letter published Tuesday in the Israeli press, around two dozen wives of prominent Israeli rabbis followed a recent edict by their husbands for Jews to refuse to rent or sell property to Arabs with an edict of their own: that Jewish women refuse to date or associate with Arab men.

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Bradley Manning Daily News Roundup 29 December, 2010

29 December, 2010 — creative-i.info

Fox News’ Suggests WikiLeaks’ Bradley Manning Is A Liberal Hero
News Hounds
The latest front in Fox News’ war on liberals is in “asking” if
WikiLeaks’ Bradley Manning is a liberal hero. Although a graphic on the
screen showed a …

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Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 29 December, 2010

29 December, 2010 — creative-i.info

Julian Assange to keep WikiLeaks afloat with money from book deal
Christian Science Monitor
Julian Assange has signed a book deal worth more than $1 million as a way
to pay WikiLeaks’ legal bills. The business world has had a mixed reaction
to …

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Wikileaks: The Book of Revelations? Not if you read the MSM By William Bowles

29 December, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The revelations come thick and fast, or faster than they were but aside from the odd mention, you wouldn’t know it if you relied on the mainstream media. If ever we needed evidence of collusion between corporate- so-called public broadcasting and the state then the way the diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks have been almost entirely ignored is the proof.

Anybody who has followed my (obsessive) collection of stories on the Wikileaks saga will know that it started off with a grand flourish and so far at least—and the statistics prove it—has faded from view without a whimper from the corporate/state media stranglehold on the news.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 28 December, 2010: Prospects for Humanity?

28 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

“Dissent is what rescues democracy from a quiet death behind closed doors.” -Lewis H. Lapham

Top Ten Myths about Afghanistan, 2010
By Juan Cole
10. “There has been significant progress in tamping down the insurgency in Afghanistan.”

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Wikileaks News Roundup 22 – 29 December, 2010

29 December, 2010 — creative-i.info

Catching up with all the stories I’ve not already archived. See also the other Daily News Roundups that draw on wider source material.

29 December, 2010

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“Internet a very large-scale spying machine” – info leaking site co-founder — RT

29 December, 2010 — RT

Cryptome.org was publishing classified and secret documents long before WikiLeaks made headlines. Cryptome co-founder John Young told RT such sites are allowed to stay online so that spy services might keep an eye on their visitors.

There is no secrecy on the Internet, John Young warned.

‘In terms of their being able to see everything that we are doing, we know that we cannot keep any secrets about our site and we tell our readers, ‘You should not expect us to protect you, because we are being watched and every other site is being watched, just like WikiLeaks is being watched,’’ he said. ‘There’s no secrecy on the Internet – that’s the lesson we’ve learned and we are now trying to spread that.’

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