Bolivia hosts WikiLeaks ‘mirror’

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera has posted all U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks that pertain to Bolivia on his official website.

He told reporters Wednesday he wants people to know the “barbarities and insults” of what he called Washington’s “interventionist infiltration.”

As Wikileaks’ own sites come under attack, sympathizers have created “mirror” sites that duplicate them partially or in full.

Bolivia’s leftist leaders expelled the U.S. ambassador in 2008, accusing him of conspiring against it.

Garcia’s site includes two quotes:

“The truth will set you free,” from the New Testament.

And from WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange: “Every organization rests on a mountain of secrets.”

NOTE: the website is available at

The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development

17 October, 2010 — Left Streamed

Prof. Michael Lebowitz discussing aspects of his book The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development, at the Maritime Labour Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The video is in two parts – click on “Pause” to switch between part 1 and part 2.


Moscow demands explanations from NATO over WikiLeaks report — RT

9 December, 2010 — RT

Russia has urged NATO to make ‘political comments’ about recent reports on the alliance’s alleged defense plans against Moscow.

According to secret documents handed to the British newspaper the Guardian by the whistleblower’s website WikiLeaks, NATO is planning to defend the Baltic States and Poland from a possible ‘Russian threat.’

The news ‘casts a shadow on the results of the Lisbon summit,’ Rogozin said late on Wednesday. He took part in the first meeting of the Russia-NATO Council after the summit. ‘The ball is in NATO’s court,’ Itar-Tass quoted the envoy as saying. He did not say if he received any information regarding the issue from NATO ambassadors.

The WikiLeaks reports require ‘political reaction’ from the alliance, Rogozin insisted. He made it clear that NATO cannot limit itself ‘to just curt comments on this matter.’

Reports that NATO may still consider Russia a potential threat ‘contradict the spirit and the letter’ of the decision made at the Lisbon Summit of the Russia-NATO Council, Rogozin noted. He stressed that both sides called each other ‘strategic partners.’ The alliance’s new concept declares that NATO does not threaten Russia.

Earlier the envoy said that Russia pays ‘close attention’ to WikiLeaks publications of secret US diplomatic correspondence. ‘Practice tells us that all this information looks a lot like it is true,’ he noted.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated the demand speaking at a press conference after the CSTO session in Moscow.

Russia expects NATO to answer its questions regarding files released by WikiLeaks indicating that the alliance has devised plans to defend Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia from a possible threat from Russia, Lavrov said.

‘On the one hand, NATO seeks agreement with us on joint partnership, and on the other, it makes a decision that it needs to defend. So when is NATO more sincere?’ he questioned.

‘We have asked these questions and are expecting answers to them. We think we are entitled to that,’ the minister said.”

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An Intelligence Defense of Julian Assange By Susan Lindauer

9 December 2010 — Atlantic Free Press – Hard Truths for Hard Times

If only I’d known Julian Assange, everything would have been different.

Mine was a spook’s world of black ops and counter-terrorism. The real stuff—not color coded threats. For a decade I performed as a covert back channel to Libya and Iraq at the United Nations in support of anti-terrorism. My special access made me one of the very few Assets covering Baghdad before the War. Our team started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats. We also held preliminary talks to resume the weapons inspections with Iraq’s Ambassador, Dr. Saeed Hasan. Once Baghdad agreed to rigorous U.S. conditions for transparency in the inspections, I notified the Security Council myself, and within 72 hours the U. N invited Iraq to attend formal talks to ratify the technical language. By then it was a done deal. Contrary to official reports, Iraq always welcomed the return of weapons inspectors as a necessary step to ending the sanctions. Ordinary people just didn’t know it.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 8 December, 2010: WikiLeaks Reveals That Military Contractors Have Not Lost Their Taste For Child Prostitutes

8 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Wikileaks Mirrors
Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 1334 web sites

WikiLeaks Shows America’s Imperious Attitude to Pakistan
By Simon Tisdall
Leaked US diplomatic cables published by the Guardian show the extraordinary extent to which Pakistan is in danger of becoming a mere satrapy of imperial Washington.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 8 December, 2010: A Disgrace: British Ministers Who Legislate for War Criminals to Walk Free in London

8 December, 2010 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Medics: 3 injured by Israeli shelling in Gaza
12/8/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli tank shelling injured three Palestinians Wednesday east of Gaza City, medics said. The three hurt in the incident, near the Karni crossing, were not identified. An Israeli military spokesman said that “an IDF force fired tank rounds toward a number of suspicious individuals who approached the security fence in….

Settlement waste water floods high school
12/8/2010 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Village council officials from the northern West Bank region of Azzun Atma announced Wednesday that recent rains had caused large amounts of waste water to flood from the nearby settlement of Sha’are Tiqwa. The majority of the sewage, secretary of the village council Abed Al-Karim Ayyoub said, had pooled….

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SPAIN: Wikileaks Revelations Put Pressure on Justice Officials By Tito Drago

2 December, 2010 —

MADRID, Dec 2, 2010 (IPS) – The highest authorities of Spain’s judicial system will have to explain to the Congress of Deputies their repeated refusals to bring U.S. soldiers to trial for the 2003 killing of journalist José Couso in Baghdad. The recent diplomatic cables made public by the whistleblower organisation Wikileaks reveal contacts with U.S. authorities aimed at preventing a trial.

Jose-Couso.jpgJosé Couso in a photo taken shortly before his death in Baghdad, Apr. 8, 2003. / Credit:Public domain

Deputy Gaspar Llamazares, parliamentary spokesperson of the United Left coalition, told IPS that lawmakers would continue to demand that Attorney General Cándido Conde-Pumpido appear before Congress to explain why the legal proceedings against the three accused soldiers have stalled.

‘It can’t be left like this. It is a matter of justice and of responsibility to our citizens, which no government body should ignore, much less Congress,’ he said.

The pressure on the Attorney General’s Office, the government and Congress to take action comes from different sectors, including Couso’s family, while the main force of political opposition, the right-wing Popular Party (PP), looks the other way.

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Wikileaks News Roundup 8-9 December, 2010

9 December, 2010 —

9 December, 2010

8 December, 2010