VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 30 November, 2010: Poll: Most Jews would deny Arabs say over future of Israel

30 November, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Humanitarian Groups Appeal for End of Gaza Siege
IMEMC – 30 Nov 2010 – Tuesday November 30, 2010 – 18:15, A coalition of 21 international human rights organizations called for end to ‘cruel and illegal’ Gaza blockade, arguing that the partial lifting agreed by Israel has made a limited impact in improving life of Gaza civilians, sources reported on Tuesday.

Poll: Only 51% of Israeli Jews Believe in Equal Rights for Arabs and Jews
IMEMC – 30 Nov 2010 – Tuesday November 30, 2010 – 17:01, According to a report released on Tuesday, conducted by the Israel Democratic Institute, almost half of Israeli Jews refuse the coexistence between Arab and Jews communities in Israel. Only 51 percent of those polled said that Israeli Arabs and Jews should have equal rights.

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Wikileaks News Roundup 1 December, 2010

1 December, 2010 — creative-i.info

Why Might a Saudi King Want the US to Attack Iran?

1 December, 2010 — The Real News Network

Lawrence Wilkerson: It’s not about Iran as a regional threat, it’s about rival elites defending oil wealth and power

Mainstream media has been quick to highlight WikiLeaks’ cable reporting a statement from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia that the U.S. should attack Iran, because it is a danger to the region. Larry Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, gives The Real News a series of reasons why such information requires questioning. He questions the media’s willingness to treat the cables as the gospel truth, as well as pointing out that a Saudi King would have reasons beyond security to want an attack on Iran. Namely it would hinder an oil competitor and financier of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah which Saudi Arabia opposes, while also causing the price of oil to sky rocket.

Why Might a Saudi King Want the US to Attack Iran?
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